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Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico in the World Cup, USA no

The 2018 World Cup Russia is June 14 – July 15, 2018.

2018 World Cup Qualifiers

2018 World Cup Qualifiers run from October 2015 to November 14, 2017.

Most South American, North American, and European qualifiers end October 10, 2017. Qualifying play-offs remain.

South America CONMEBOL Qualifiers

Six teams in the world top 14, but only 4-1/2 spots makes World Cup qualifying for South America a big deal.

First four teams qualify. Fifth place earns a play-off with Oceania winners New Zealand.

Teams probably need 28 or 29 points to qualify.

Final standings (as of October 10):

  1. Brazil 41 (QUALIFIED)
  2. Uruguay 31 (QUALIFIED)
  3. Argentina 28 (QUALIFIED)
  4. Colombia 27 (QUALIFIED)
  5. Peru 26 (Playoff)
  6. Chile 28 (eliminated)
  7. Paraguay 24 (eliminated)
  8. Ecuador 20 (eliminated)
  9. Bolivia 14 (eliminated)
  10. Venezuela 9 (eliminated)

Brazil has qualified. New coach Tite has turned the team around after it’s World Cup meltdown. Uruguay looks safe to qualify.


Thursday, March 23

Argentina vs Chile game should be interesting. Uruguay vs Brazil should also be a great game. Colombia should be able to win, but really needs the points.

Colombia 1-0 Bolivia
Paraguay 2-1 Ecuador
Uruguay 1-4 Brazil
Argentina 1-0 Chile
Venezuela 2-2 Peru

Tuesday, March 28

Ecuador vs Colombia is the interesting game. Colombia needs to win. They have won the last two outings with Ecuador, but Quito’s air is much thinner than Barranquilla.

Boliva 2-0 Argentina.
Ecuador 0-2 Colombia
Chile 3-1 Venezuela
Trinidad and Tobago vs Mexico
Brazil 3-0 Paraguay
Panama vs USA at 10pm
Peru 2-1 Uruguay

Messi missed the Bolivia vs Argentina game with a 4-game suspension for foul language from last week’s game against Chile.

Wednesday, August 30

Chile vs Paraguay
Brazil vs Ecuador
Venezuela vs Colombia
Peru vs Bolivia
Uruguay vs Argentina

Tuesday, September 5

Colombia vs Brazil
Paraguay vs Uruguay
Argentina vs Venezuela
Ecuador vs Peru
Bolivia vs Chile

Thursday, October 5

It was a day of blank scoreless ties.

Colombia 1-2 Paraguay
Chile 2-1 Ecuador
Argentina 0-0 Peru
Venezuela 0-0 Uruguay
Bolivia 0-0 Brazil

Tuesday, October10 is the Final Game Day

The possibilities are wide open with only two points separating third-placed Chile and seventh-placed Paraguay.

Chile, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, and Paraguay were all battling for two qualifying spots and one wild-card spot.

Paraguay 0-1 Venezuela
Brazil 3-0 Chile
Ecuador 1-3 Argentina
Peru 1-1 Colombia
Uruguay 4-2 Bolivia

All games start at 7:30 pm.

North America CONCACAF Qualifiers

Top three teams qualify. 4th place earns an intercontinental play-off.
Final standings (October 10):

  1. Mexico 21 (QUALIFIED)
  2. Costa Rica 16 (QUALIFIED)
  3. Panama 13 (QUALIFIED)
  4. Honduras 13 (Playoff)
  5. USA 12 (eliminated)
  6. Trinidad and Tobago 6 (eliminated)

Europe UEFA Qualifiers

First place teams in the Group Stage First Round qualify directly.

The top eight second place teams in the Group Stage advance to a Second Round.

Qualified in the First Round

  • Belgium
  • England
  • France
  • Germany
  • Iceland
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Serbia
  • Spain

Second Round

  1. Switzerland
  2. Italy
  3. Denmark
  4. Croatia
  5. Sweden
  6. Northern Ireland
  7. Greece
  8. Republic of Ireland
  9. Slovakia (unqualified)
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