ADAA Art Show 2017 at Park Avenue Armory (Review)

The ADAA Art Show is an Armory Week presented by the association of America’s top art dealer’s. Most exhibits are solo or curated shows.

We are focused on Latin which is a small part of this show, but these really are America’s, and New York City’s, top art galleries. If you only have time to attend one art fair, I would go to the ADAA Art Show.

The ADAA Art Show 2017

The ADAA Art Show is at the Park Avenue Armory Wednesday-Sunday, March 1-5, 2017 with a Gala Preview on Tuesday, February 28.

Wednesday-Friday 12-8pm
Saturday 12-7pm
Sunday 12-5pm

Admission $25

The Art Show Wrap-Up

Gala proceeds benefit the Henry Street Settlement. Through the Gala Preview, silent auction, and admission, The Art Show raised $1.2 million for the Henry Street Settlement to support their social service, arts, and healthcare programs.

About 15,000 guests visited The Art Show.

Latin Art at The ADAA Art Show 2017

Argentine Artists

Bortolomai shows Argentine artist Nicolás Guagnini at the ADAA Art Show 2017

Bortolami Gallery shows Argentine artist Nicolás Guagnini in Booth D8
Guagnini was born in Buenos Aires in 1966. Guagnini lives and works in New York City.

Brazilian Artists

CRG Gallery is showing Brazilian artist Alexandre da Cunha/

CRG Gallery is showing Brazilian mixed-media artist Alexandre da Cunha
Da Cunha works with utilitarian materials in a very Brazilian way and is influenced by the architecture of his homeland. The tapestries on the wall are made from mops in the colors of cement and stone.

Da Cunha often contrasts hard and soft edges as if he is contemplating the contrast between the outward ease and more hidden complexities of living in Brazil.

The sculpture on the table at the left is also made from a mop, but presented in a very sensual manner.

Cuban Artists

Galerie Lelong shows Cuban artist Zilia Sánchez at the ADAA Art Show 2017

Galerie Lelong Booth C9 showing Cuban artist Zilia Sánchez
Galerie Lelong is showing Cuban minimalist Zilia Sánchez Domínguez. She was born in Havana, Cuba in 1926. She has lived and worked in Puerto Rico since 1971. Like her famous peer Carmen Herrera the 91 year-old Sánchez was only discovered late in her career.

In her minimalist style, Sánchez depicts the female form by painting canvas stretched over wooden armatures. She is representing Cuba in the curated section of the 2017 Venice Biennale curated by Christine Macel.

The more you are around a Sánchez piece, the more you get drawn into it. What seems at first to be delightfully simple, becomes in time simply delightful.

French Artists

Donald Morris Gallery is exhibiting 20th-Century artists including French cubist Fernand Leger.

James Goodman Gallery is exhibiting American and European modernists including Dubuffet, Miro, Matisse, and Picasso (Spanish).

Jeffrey H. Loria & Co. is exhibiting works made in France by Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Jean Dubuffet, and Alberto Giacometti.

Jill Newhouse Gallery is showing French painter Édouard Vuillard.

Micael Werner is exhibiting master drawings by artists including French artists Francis Picabia and Puvis des Chavannes.

Peter Blum Gallery is showing French-American sculptor and installation artist Louise Bourgeois.

Italian Artists

Marian Goodman Gallery is showing Italian artist Ettore Spalletti.

Petzel is showing Italian-American Joyce Pensato.

Mexican Artists

Mary-Anne Martin talks over a Diego Rivera with Ximena Ojeda

Mary-Anne Martin talks over a Diego Rivera with Ximena Ojeda
Mary-Anne Martin Fine Art is exhibiting classic Mexican artists Leonora Carrington, Gunther Gerzso, Diego Rivera, David Alfaro Siqueiros, and Rufino Tamayo.

Ms. Martin is the first lady of Mexican and Latin American art in New York City. She created the market for Latin American Art at Sotheby’s years ago. Today Ms. Martin is primarily an aftermarket dealer. Correction, she is not the first lady, she is the President of Latin American art in NYC.

Spanish Artists

Peter Freeman, Inc. is showing multiple artists including Spanish-American sculptor Richard Serra.

Barbara Krakow Gallery of Boston is exhibiting serial surfaces including Spanish-American artist Richard Serra.

ADAA Art Show Tickets

Purchase $25 tickets at the door or online at

Photo courtesy of ADAA.

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