Advent, the countdown to Christmas

Advent is the countdown to Christmas.

Advent 2019

Sunday, December 1 through Tuesday, December 24.


Advent, the Nativity Fast or December Fast, is a 24-day period of fasting in preparation for Christmas.

“Advent” means “Coming” in Latin. It is the preparation by monks for the Christmas season. In religious terms, it is the preparation for eventual the Second Coming of Christ.

Advent may have originally been a French tradition related to the Feast of St. Martin. It honored a Roman soldier who became a monk.

It’s fascinating to note how religious traditions are related to the seasons of the Earth.

Advent is the Preparation for Christmas

Advent Santas

Advent Santas


Advent Traditions

Purple is the color of Advent. Traditions include candle lighting, calendars and wreaths.

Advent Candles

In some traditions, a candle with 24 notches is lit and put out each day until Christmas. In other traditions, 24 candles are burned, one each day.

Advent Calendars

The Advent Calendar is one of the most familiar symbols of Advent. Most Advent Calendars have 24 openings. One is opened each day during Advent.

Germans have turned Advent Calendars into a real art form with a variety of creative expressions that deliver a small goodie on each day.

Advent Wreaths

Advent Crowns are a wreath with four candles and one more in the middle. The four candles are lit one-by-one on each Sunday in Advent. The center candle is lit on Christmas Day.


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