The Dominican Day Parade 2016 marched up Sixth Avenue in New York City on Sunday, August 14 from 12 noon to about 3:30pm.

I will never forget my experience of the Dominican Day Parade. The parade itself was soooo fun. I lost one or two pounds of sweat. I’m a little deaf from the loud Bachata and Merengue. My legs are cramped from dancing in the street. But a smile is glued on my face.

I am full of Dominicanidad (Dominican-ness). Dominican New Yorkers are a naturally warm and happy people, a hard-working people with exceptional leadership. It’s the Dominican community who makes New York City work today.

I’ve lived and worked all over the world, but saw things in the parade that I’ve never seen before. The most beautiful are the children proudly celebrating their heritage. You cannot forget the open smiles of all the people waving Dominican flags and screaming with excitement as floats paraded past.

My favorite memories are the Carnival costumes, especially the Carnival devils, los Diablos Cojuelos. Every Dominican town has their own version. Their horned masks, mirrored jumpsuits, and loud whips are scary. But they are there to scare away evil.

The NYPD was super cool on this hot day. It’s great to see the police together with the people. This is how it is supposed be. Thank you NYPD.

The Dominican Day Parade only marches on Sixth Avenue for one day. But the Dominican Day Parade organization keeps marching every day of the year. It is more than a parade.

The Dominican Day Parade joins the Dominican community with the leaders of New York City and bright students who represent our hope for the future of New York and our United States.

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