Indigenous People Day

In the United States, we celebrate our Indigenous heritage on the second Monday in October

Indigenous People Day

Monday, October 12, 2020
EARTH ~ In the United States, we celebrate our Indigenous heritage on the second Monday in October. Many countries celebrate on October 12.

Redhawk Indigenous People Day Pow Wow

Sun-Mon, Oct 13-14, 2019
RANDALLS ISLAND ~ The Redhawk Native American Arts Council’s annual Indigenous People Day pow wow celebration in front of Icahn Stadium in Randall’s Island Park

Indigenous People

We are the people of the land, the first people. Until the Colonial Period, everyone was Indigenous to somewhere.

In the Americas, Latin is a mix of Indigenous + European + African. Regardless of the cultural mask we live in, this is who we really are.

Some points of view distinguish between “Indians” of the United States and Indigenous Peoples in other parts of the Americas. In reality we are a continuum of peoples from the Arctic in the north to Tierra del Fuego at the southern tip of South America.

We are originally from Siberia in Asia. In South America, some of us probably also have an Oceanic heritage.

In what is now the United States, Canada and Mexico, we were greatly influenced by the Spanish who brought horses. The horse led to a flowering of our culture just before we were stripped of our lands. Being people of the land, this hurt our souls.

Even so, we remain Proud Americans. The First Americans!

Previous Indigenous People Day Celebrations

Indigenous Peoples Day 2018

Sun-Mon, October 7-8, 2018
RANDALLS ISLAND, NYC ~ The Red Hawk Native American Arts Council hosts New York City’s big Indigenous People Day celebration in Randall’s Island Park