Mermaid Parade 2019 at Coney Island

The Coney Island Mermaid Parade is for mermaids and mermen.

This is New York City, so you will see some amazing costumes. They let it all hang out, well almost all.

37th Annual Mermaid Parade 2019

Things get fishy in Coney Island, Brooklyn on Saturday, June 22, 2019 at 1pm.

Register to March by Wednesday, June 19

2019 Mermaid Parade Route

  • Surf Avenue from 20th St to 10th St
  • 10th St from Surf Ave to the Boardwalk
  • The Boardwalk from 10th St to the Pier


2019 Mermaid Parade Time

The Mermaid Parade starts at 1pm, but you should arrive at 10 or 11 am for the best viewing.

The whole neighborhood becomes a huge traffic jam around Parade time. Surf Avenue gets full NYPD security, so leave extra time.

36th Annual Mermaid Parade

The 36th Annual Mermaid Parade in Coney Island, Brooklyn is on Saturday, June 22, 2018 at 1 pm.

Queen Mermaid is Amanda Palmer.

King Neptune is Neil Gaiman.

Kitchen 21 co-presents. Kitchen 21 is the rooftop lounge and bar that recently opened on top of the landmark Childs Restaurant building.

Mermaid Parade Route

The Parade

  • Starts on Surf Ave West 21st St
  • Turns to the beach at West 10th St
  • Walks up the Boardwalk to Steeplechase Plaza

Mermaid Parade Time

The Parade starts at 1 pm, rain or shine.

Arrive 2 – 3 hours Early

Good spots go early and Coney Island becomes a traffic jam around Parade time, so plan to arrive 2 – 3 hours early (or more) for the best spots.

March in the Mermaid Parade

Anyone can march in the Mermaid Parade, but this is New York. There is a fee of about $15 – $30 for marchers and more for floats and vehicles.

Marcher rates are $5 more on the day of and cash only.

Register Online to save

Check in / Registration is on Surf Avenue between 21st and 22nd streets from 10 am – 1 pm.

Visit the Mermaid Parade


Families do enjoy the Parade and some families even march. But some mermaids don’t wear many clothes and there are mermen too. It’s your decision whether this is appropriate for your family.

You can be a Judge

It’s New York City, so anything goes for moolah. For $200, you can get a seat in the viewing stand and be a Mermaid Parade Judge.

Here Comes the Judge


There is a photographer staging area photo pass. Mermaids will pose for your photos before they enter the line of march.

It’s $40 in advance online, and $50 on the day of.

Click, click, click

The only press pass that works here is an NYPD one.

Best Place to Watch the Mermaid Parade

A lot of this depends on when you arrive and how long you are willing to wait around for.

You have to be on Surf Avenue to see the antique cars and motorized floats. Expect Times Square New Years Eve style security. If you are going to stand, be prepared to stand around for a few hours without going to the bathroom.

The beach-side of Surf Avenue gets locked down. If you want to leave early, make it easier to back to your transportation by staying on the north side of Surf Avenue, away from the beach.

Hope to see Mexican lake mermaids La Tlanchana or the Acapaxapo.


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