Miel San Marcos are Christian rockers from Guatemala

Miel San Marcos is a family of Christian rockers from San Marcos, Guatemala. The band’s name means “San Marcos Honey.”

Miel San Marcos plays the United Palace

Saturday, November 30, 2019 ~ The Morales brothers, Guatemalan Christian rockers play the United Palace in Washington Heights, NYC at 8pm. $79

Miel San Marcos

Miel San Marcos is a trio of brothers Josué, Luis and Samaria Morales. They have been touring the world since 2000.

The band is known for their live recordings. They recorded concerts at Anaheim Stadium near Los Angeles Proezas (2012), Arena Ciudad de México Como en el Cielo (2014), and at Madison Square Garden Pentecostés (2017).

Their only studio album is Tu Habitación (2016).

Madison Square Garden Live Album Recording

Saturday, September 2, 2017 ~ Miel San Marcos is recording their latest Pentecostés album at Madison Square Garden in Chelsea, NYC at 8pm. $43 – $88

Follow Miel San Marcos at mielsanmarcos.org

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