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Milonga on the Hudson has a big open dance floor for Argentine Tango

Milonga on the Hudson

Milonga on the Hudson at Hudson Dance Studio in Edgewater, New Jersey is 2nd and 4th Friday Tango dance party.

The owners are Russian and there are many Russians in the neighborhood, so the milonga has a European feeling. There are regular groups of Argentines, Colombians, and other South Americans.

The room is large with beautiful chandeliers, nightclub lighting, and a lovely view of a yacht harbor. The floor is big so you can fly without causing any conflict. The floor tends to be a little on the slippery side, so bring shoes for that.

There is no “El Muro,” the wall were people sit when they want to dance. The action is in the corner next to the DJ booth and refreshments. The level is intermediate and beginner with a core of advanced and professional dancers.

The arrogance of the New York milongas is completely absent. It’s really a joy to dance at the Hudson Milonga.

Come whether you dance or not. We sit down together and laugh all night.

8.15-9.00pm: Pre-Milonga Class (All levels)
9.00pm-12.00am: Milonga party
Snacks and drinks provided, B.Y.O.B.

2018 2nd Place USA Tango Champions

Congratulations to Hudson Dance Studio’s Jevgeni Davidov and Natasha Sidorenco for winning 2nd Place in Tango Pista (Tango Salon) at the Argentine Tango USA Official Championship & Tango Festival in San Francisco, California on April 1, 2018.

Visit Milonga on the Hudson

Hudson Dance Studio
986 River Rd, Edgewater, NJ 07020
(at Route 5 and the Grand Cove Marina)

(201) 886-8008



Argentine Tango Milonga
Alternate Fridays
9 pm – 12 midnight

Mention Ximena’s List when you enter.


158 Bus to Edgewater Marina Ferry Terminal – Route 5


There is a parking lot. If it is full, try the Chase bank lot, just south of the studio.


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