Pedrito Martinez Group plays Bronx Museum for Carnegie Hall Citywide

Carnegie Hall Citywide presents the Pedrito Martinez Group at the Bronx Museum on Friday, October 5, 2018 at 7:30 pm. FREE

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Pedrito Martinez

Pedrito Martinez is the world’s best Cuban percussionist working today. He is a great singer and dancer too.

The world’s first-call Rumbero has played with most of the big artists of the day. He once turned a Manhattan restaurant into a must-visit destination for the world’s elite musicians. So for example, Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones might stop by just to hear Pedrito play.

Pedrito was a co-founder of Yerba Buena, a popular Cuban ensemble of the 2000s. His first self-titled album was nominated for a Grammy in 2014. His latest album is Habana Dreams (2016).

Pedrito Martinez is a fountainhead of pure, joyful spirit.

Cuban Rumba

Pedrito plays real Cuban rumba, not the broader term of Rumba as Latin music. He can play anything, but his core is Rumba.

Rumba originally meant “party.” A Rumba can be just for fun, a chance to dance away the pains of the work day, and maybe make a friend for the night.

The drum communicates across long distances, but it also communicates through time.

Certain rhythms are only used in religious ceremony, and have been danced the same way since the beginning of human time. The drum is a way to connect with our ancestral spirits, to connect with God.

Any drum session, whether it is for fun or a religious ceremony, begins with calling the ancestors. Watch the drummers. They always pray before they play.

A really interesting thing about drumming and dancing in religious ceremony, is that the rituals are a form of psychological therapy. When someone has a problem, they can speak with a priest who will suggest the Orisha (spirit or angel) the person should devote their lives to. The Orisha generally has the same problem, but because they are a god, have overcome it. The devotee incorporates the symbols of the Orisha into their life and undergoes a long initiation. Dancing with the Orisha is a form of self-healing for the devotee. The community sees the dancer as well so they also can help the devotee overcome the problem.

Pedrito Martinez Group

The Pedrito Martinez Group is a power quartet.

  • Pedrito Martinez
    Percussion and Lead Vocals (Cuban)
  • Isaac Delgado, Jr.
    Keyboard and Vocals (Cuban)
  • Sebastian Natal
    Electric Bass and Vocals (Uruguayan)
  • Jhair Sala
    Cowbell, Percussion and Vocals (Peruvian)

Pedrito Martinez Group Tickets

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Go see the Pedrito Martinez Group

Bronx Museum of the Arts

Lower Gallery
1040 Grand Concourse, Bronx, NY 10456
(at 165th Street)
Fleetwood – Concourse Village, The Bronx


  • (4) to 161st St – Yankee Stadium
  • Walk three blocks east to Grand Concourse and four blocks north to 165th St.

(B) (D) to 167th St station is closed for construction until January 2019.


Bx1 or Bx2 to 165th St and Grand Concourse

Manhattan Express: BxM4A, BxM4B


From Grand Central Terminal in Midtown East, Manhattan, take the Hudson Line to the Yankees – 153rd St station.

Carnegie Hall Citywide

Thank you Carnegie Hall for bringing world-class music to our communities.

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