Saint John’s Eve or Festa Junina

Saint John’s Eve is the night before Saint John the Baptist’s traditional birthday. Festa Junina is the Brazilian name for the festival (June Festival).

Saint John’s Eve 2020

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

A Midsummer Celebration

The celebration falls near the summer solstice, so it has blended with ancient European pagan celebrations of midsummer. It was originally a spring celebration, but the Catholic church encouraged the celebration on Saint John’s eve.

Of course, in the southern hemisphere, Saint John’s Eve is a midwinter celebration.

Bonfires of Saint John

People in Catholic countries celebrate by gathering around bonfires with family and friends. In ancient times, people believed that evil spirits roamed free while the sun was turning south and lit bonfires for protection. When it is safe, people jump over the bonfires three times.

In Europe, the festival was originally celebrated by burning old furniture. It might be a historic inspiration for the Burning Man Festival in California.

La Noche de San Juan in Puerto Rico

It’s a popular celebration in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The original Spanish name for Puerto Rico was San Juan Bautista (Saint John the Baptist).

Families and friends gather around bonfires on beaches. At midnight people fall backwards into the sea three times to bring good luck for the coming year.

Unless you have your own group of friends, Isla Verde is probably the best place to enjoy La Noche de San Juan in Puerto Rico.

Saint John’s Eve in Spain

Saint John’s Eve is popular in northern Spain and along Spain’s Mediterranean coast in Catalonia and Valencia. The Catalan pastry coca de Sant Joan is popular during this time.

There is a big festival in Alicante, Valencia where the bonfire constructions have grown into elaborate sculptures called Falles. They are often built with funny, political themes.

The Festival is sort of a summer carnival where neighborhoods compete to build the most beautiful and elaborate Falles. People raise money for the floats by having paella parties. Paella is the meal Spaniards cook for large groups of people.

Saint John’s Eve in Portugal

The Festa de São João do Porto is a big festival in Porto, Portugal.

Saint John’s Eve in Brazil

The Brazilian celebration is called Festa Junina (June Festival). It is popular in northeast Brazil, the country’s old Portuguese region.

Saint John’s Eve in the United States

The celebration is practiced in Creole New Orleans on Bayou St. John where it was part of the Voodoo tradition.

New Orleans Voodoo and Haitian Vodou syncretize West African religions with Catholic saints. Today it’s normal to be fully Voodoo and fully Catholic.

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