Sara Grdan and Ivan Terrazas

Sara Grdan and Ivan Terrazas New Yorkers in Europe

Ivan and Sara met in New York City where they began their partnership and were extremely successful and innovative independent teachers and performers.

Currently based in Europe, today they are among the youngest and most recognized Argentine Tango stars worldwide.

Sara Grdan and Ivan Terrazas Tango Teachers

As instructors, they have developed a modern systemic approach to teaching traditional tango. Their goal as teachers is to instill strong fundamentals by emphasizing technique, analytical thinking, logic, naturalness and comfort in both the close and open embrace.

Ivan and Sara encourage students to look for connection, quality of movement, creative expression and musicality to make their dance uniquely their own. It is this dedication to teaching excellence that has brought Ivan and Sara to partner with Tangomeet, the High Tango Education online learning platform.

Sara Grdan and Ivan Terrazas Tango Festivals

Sara and Ivan have been invited to participate as teachers and performers in Argentine Tango Festivals all over the world, including the: Belgrade Tango Encuentro, Sultans Argentine Tango Festival and Marathon in Istanbul, TangoBlitz Festival in Manila, Tarbes International Tango Festival, Perugia International Tango Festival, Kalamata Argentine Tango Festival, Puerto Rico International Tango Festival. They have conducted workshops in Slovenia, Romania, Montenegro, Croatia, France, Italy, Germany, Finland, United States, China, and Singapore, among others.

Sara Grdan and Ivan Terrazas Theatre Companies

Over the course of their careers, Ivan and Sara have been members of prestigious theatre companies such as Tangueros del Sur, directed by Natalia Hills, TangoX2, directed by Miguel Angel Zotto, Obsesion Tango directed by Tamara Bisceglia, and Compania Roberto Herrera, directed by Roberto Herrera.

Sara Grdan and Ivan Terrazas Performances

Ivan and Sara have appeared, among others, in the shows Romper el Piso (Israel Dance Festival, Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, Vail International Dance Festival, New York City Center), Obsesion Tango at the Borges Cultural Center, Connectango, Roberto Herrera’s Tango company at La Estancia, the Rhythm and Passion Show, and Borges and Piazzola Tango, and with the following: the Vermont Symphony Orchestra, the Romulo Larrea Tango Orchestra, the Washington Pan-American Symphony Orchestra, the Eternal Tango Quartet, and Avantango.

FMT Dance Company

In 2016 Ivan and Sara created their own unique dance company, FMT Dance. The purpose of FMT Dance Company is to: 1. Explore ideas about the intersection of technique and expression among different dance styles. 2. Provide opportunities to up-and-coming dancers worldwide. 3. Create wonderful original productions, including original music, and share them with the world.

We are looking forward to our inaugural production, Entre Suenos, in the Fall of 2017.

Sara Grdan and Ivan Terrazas in New York City

Sara Grdan and Ivan Terrazas perform at Tango La Nacional in Chelsea, Manhattan on Thursday, November 16, 2017 at 11:30 pm.

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