Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday 2020 is Sunday, April 5.

It is a Christian feast on the Sunday before Easter that commemorates the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. The tradition is that the faithful laid palm branches in front of Jesus as he entered the city.

Palm Sunday is the first day of Holy Week.

The Symbolism of Palm Sunday

In the ancient way, stories were filled with symbolism, with metaphors. They were not intended to be read literally. Jerusalem is a town in the Near East so much of the symbolism comes from the east.

Jesus entered Jerusalem riding on a donkey. The donkey is an animal of peace. Riding a horse would have symbolized war.

There is an eastern tradition of covering the path of someone who is highly respected. In the Palm Sunday tradition, people laid palm fronds on the road.

Palm branches are a Greco-Roman symbol of victory. They are also an ancient Egyptian symbol of eternal life where palm branches were carried in funeral processions.

Palm Sunday Celebrations in New York City

Most, if not all, Christian churches celebrate Palm Sunday. However, you bring the holy spirit with you, wherever you are.

St Patrick’s Cathedral in Midtown East, Manhattan is the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York.

The Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Greenwich Village, Manhattan.

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