Aibonito Flower Festival, a Puerto Rican country fair

The Aibonito Flower Festival is in Aibonito, Puerto Rico, daily from June 28 to July 27, 2019. $7

Aibonito Flower Festival

In a way, it’s the Aibonito country fair. The main attraction is booths that sell beautiful flowers, orchids and plants. Lot’s of people take plants home.

In the floral display competition, you’ll see some real unusual plants and flowers.

There are carnival rides for the kids and plenty of food and drink.

In the afternoon there is live music by great Puerto Rican bands. June 29th is La Sonora Ponceña and June 30 is Charlie Aponte.


The roads from San Juan up into the mountains are lined with chinchorros. These casual roadside restaurant/bars are country diners Puerto Rican style. They usually have patio seating.

You can eat and drink at one chinchorro, drive on to the next chinchorro, and the next and so on all day.

San Juan Day Trip

The Aibonito Flower Festival and the chinchorros along the way make a great day trip about an hour’s drive into the mountains from San Juan.

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