Cinema Tropical Festival, the year’s best Latin American films

The Cinema Tropical Festival screens the year’s best Latin American films, winners of Cinema Tropical Awards.

Cinema Tropical Festival 2017

The 7th annual Cinema Tropical Festival is at the Museum of the Moving Image February 24-26, 2017.

Friday, February 24 Screenings


Tatiana Huezo, Mexico, 2016
“Best Documentary”
In Spanish with English subtitles.
7pm ~ Q&A with the director.

Huezo explores the climate of fear that permeates a society where the rule of law is weak. She tells the stories of Miriam, falsely imprisoned for human trafficking, and Adela, a circus performer who has searched over a decade for her missing daughter.

Saturday, February 25 Screenings

Plaza de la Soledad

Maya Goded, Mexico, 2016
“Best Director, Documentary”
In Spanish with English subtitles.
2pm ~ Q&A with the director.

The acclaimed photographer documents the endless cycle of abuse, abandonment, and prostitution in La Merced, Mexico City, a place that has been a red light district since Aztec times.

Santa Teresa y Otras Historias

Nelson Carlo de los Santos, Dominican Republic, 2015
“Best First Film”
In Spanish with English subtitles.
4:30pm ~ Q&A with the director.

A poetic, experimental take on the human toll of the drug wars in Mexico.

Jacqueline (Argentine)

Bernardo Britto, USA, 2016
(Britto is Brazilian. The film is set in Argentina.)
“Best U.S. Latino Film”
In English, Spanish, and Arabic with English subtitles.
7pm ~ Q&A with the director.

Filmmakers follow a French woman who flees to Argentina claiming she has leaked government secrets that will cause a revolution. They quickly begin to wonder if she is just crazy, but keep looking for truth.

Sunday, February 26 Screenings

Bleak Street / La Calle de la Amargura

Arturo Ripstein, Mexico, 2015
“Best Director, Fiction”
In Spanish with English subtitles.

Two prostitutes kill two midget wrestlers in this bizarre, but true, Mexico City film noir crime story.

Neon Bull (Boi Neon)

Gabriel Mascaro, Brazil, 2016
“Best Fiction Film”
In Portuguese with English subtitles.

Neon Bull Review

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