Leonardo Sardella to teach Argentine Tango at Tango La Nacional

Leonardo Sardella

Sardella is a Brooklyn-based Argentine from Buenos Aires. As a child, he was the fat one with glasses who didn’t like sports. That’s a tough position for any kid. Sardella found comfort studying Tango in the Conservatorio Nacional de Danza at age 8. The experience marked him. He says, “I was an outsider and I found my home in the Tango!”

Leonardo went on to study with some of the masters and perform in Tango shows in Buenos Aires and around the world. The teachers he references include Graciela Gonzalez, the famous partner of old-timer Puppy Castello; Claudio Gonzalez, one of the teachers of the theatrical elements of Tango in Buenos Aires, and Osvaldo Zotto, one of the co-founders of Tango X2, the Tango show that made Tango cool again for young Argentines in 1988.

Sardella came to New York City in 2011. With his dance partner, fellow Argentine Walter Perez, Sardella founded Friends of Argentine Tango and the New York Queer Tango Weekend.

Alistair Macauley, the chief New York Times dance critic has described Sardella’s dancing as, “elegance, musicality, romance, wit and serious glamour.”

“Elegance, musicality, romance, wit and serious glamour.”

Alistair Macauley, New York Times

If you study with Sardella or watch him perform, you will have a good time and will never be left out.

For more information, visit www.friendsofargentinetango.org

Leonardo Sardella in New York City

Sardella teaches at Tango La Nacional on Thursday, May 10, 2018.


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