Mexican singer-songwriter Marco Antonio Solís plays Madison Square Garden

Marco Antonio Solís is a multiple Latin Grammy-winning Mexican norteño and tejano singer-songwriter.

His early work with Los Bukis and his solo career helped popularize Mexican and Latin music around the world.

Solís brings his El Mas Querido tour to Madison Square Garden

Saturday, August 17, 2019 ~ Solís plays Madison Square Garden in Chelsea, NYC at 8pm. From $69

Solís goes solo with En Pleno Vuelo

In 1996, Marco went solo. His debut solo album produced three #1 singles: Recuerdos, Tristeza, y Soledad; Qué Pena me Das and Así Como Te Conocí.

Solís also won Billboard Latin Music Awards for Songwriter and Producer of the Year.

This was the peak period of his career. In 2004, Tu Amor o Tu Desprecio won his first Latin Grammy for Best Regional Mexican Song.

Solís recorded a string of #1 singles from every studio album he recorded through 2007’s Trozos de Mi Alma, Vol. 2.

Como Fui a Enamorarme de Ti

Marco’s 1989 song (“How I Fell in Love with You”) was made into a movie of the same name in 1990. It became the highest grossing Mexican movie to date.

Los Bukis

Marco and Joel formed the band together. In 1976, their first album Casa de Carton led to Marco’s first hit Falso Amor (False Love).

The band produced a long string of hits. Tu Carcel (Your jail cell) from their tenth album Me Volvi a Acordar de Ti became a huge hit.

Michoacán, Mexico

Solis was born in Ario de los Rosales on December 29, 1959. He was the fifth of seven brothers.

Marco started making music as a child with his cousin, Joel Solis.

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