Mariana Parma Tango and Salsa Coaching and Choreography

Mariana Parma is an Uruguayan – American actor; and Tango and Salsa dancer, teacher, and choreographer.

Parma is an Uruguayan – American from New Jersey. She lives and works globally from New York City.

Mariana Parma can Dance

New York Tango is full of divas, many of whom actually don’t dance well. Mariana Parma is one of the New York Tango artists who really gets it. She was a semi-finalist at the 2008 World Tango Championship (Mundial de Baile de Tango) in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

She choreographs for film and teaches actors to dance Tango and Salsa.

Mariana Parma in New York City

Parma teaches Argentine Tango at Tango La Nacional in Chelsea, Manhattan on Thursday, January 4, 2018 from 8:15 – 9:30 pm.

Contact Mariana Parma

For more information, visit www.marianaparma. com


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