La Parranda

The Parranda is a Puerto Rican Christmas caroling tradition.

We come sing a song at your house and you come with us. We go sing a song at someone else’s house and they come with us. This can go on all night.

The main thing people do in Puerto Rico is eat and drink with friends on the beach or in the mountains. For the holidays, we do even more of that.

We sing songs of the Jíbaro, mountain farmers and folk characters of old Puerto Rico. Aguinaldos are popular Christmas songs that everybody knows. Aguinaldos means “gift” as in singing the song is our gift to you.

We play traditional instruments like the cuatro, maracas and guiros.

We eat pasteles (Puerto Rican tamales) and lechón (roast suckling pig) and drink coquito (Puerto Rican eggnog).

Puerto Rico celebrates the holidays for almost two months, longer than anybody else it seems.

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