Qasida Persian Spanish Flamenco Festival at Carnegie Hall

Qasida is an ancient form of Arabic poetry that spread across the Muslim world. In a way, Qasida is Arabic folk music. Qasida has noted Persian, Urdu (Pakistani), and West African variations. It is deep in the Flamenco.

Qasida Carnegie Hall

Qasida plays Carnegie Hall Friday, March 18, 2016 at 8:30pm. It is part of the Flamenco Festival 2016.

About Qasida

The Qasida project is a Flamenco led by Sevillian singer Rosario Guerrero and Mohammad Motamedi, “the young rising star of Iranian classical music.”

Flamenco is Gypsy. The Gypsy (Romani) people came from Northern India and passed through Persia on their journey to Spain. Persia is one of the great ancient civilizations.

The singers rekindle the Persian – Spanish connection. The interesting thing is how completely Flamenco it is. You can call it either Flamenco or Arabic poetry and be perfectly right.

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