Castro in NY ‘An Evening with Fidel & My Mother The Radical’ at NYU Tisch

Tim Perez’ one-man play An Evening with Fidel & My Mother The Radical is in the Walker Theatre at NYU Tisch School of the Arts in Greenwich Village Thursday, July 25 and Saturday-Sunday, July 27-28, 2019 at 7pm. FREE

An Evening with Fidel & My Mother The Radical

This one-man multimedia play examines Latino history, memory, identity and the current treatment of migrant children, parents and U.S. citizens, juxtaposed on the Cuban Revolution.

  • Thursday, July 25 at 7pm
  • Saturday, July 27 at 7pm
  • Sunday, July 28 at 7pm

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Tim Perez

Tim Perez is a Mexican-American actor, writer and director who just happens to look a lot like the Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. Perez is an NYU MFA alumni. He has been developing this show in Western Canada for some time.

Some Thoughts on the Topic

It is shameful that our country, made great by immigrants, could be compared with what was done to the Cuban people by the bearded ones in the Cuban Revolution. Yet every passing day under the current administration makes the comparison more and more true.

Family separation is an old slaver’s tactic. Across the Latin world, when governments fail, the people have to come together to survive and then eventually fix things.

Latin governments seem to always fail, and one of the main reasons is the reliance on a brutal and corrupt strongman, a king or religious figure, that is the very worst part of Latin culture.

The Cuban people survived their revolution and the hardships of the “Special Period” by coming together. l’ve got an egg. You’ve got a head of lettuce, and you’ve got a tomato. Together we can make a salad so we have something to eat. It’s like that.

The United States has chosen to create its own Special Period. We haven’t been abandoned economically the way Cuba was during its Special Period (when the Soviet Union collapsed and ended financial support).  Rather we have abandoned our own U.S. American values. Frankly, it’s reasonable to wonder which is worse.

Go see the play. Let’s stop complaining on social media and start working together to do something about the situation. Otherwise, like Cuba which was once the most advanced country in Latin America, we may have to learn the hard way what happens when a country’s leaders lose their humanity.

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