Brazilian Day New York 2018 is the biggest Brazilian festival outside Brazil

Brazilian Day New York is a Labor Day weekend Brazilian street fair on 25 blocks around Manhattan’s Little Brazil (West 46th Street (between Fifth and Sixth Avenues). It draws about 1 million people and is the biggest Brazilian festival outside of Brazil.

34th Brazilian Day New York 2018

Brazilian Day New York 2018 is Sunday, September 2, 2018 from 12 noon until we all fall down.

Matheus & Kauan

Matheus & Kauan are a Brazilian sertaneja duo from Itapuranga in Goiás state. Sertaneja is Brazilian country music. Their breakthrough hit was 2015’s Que Sorte a Nossa.

Os Paralamas do Sucesso

Os Paralamas do Sucesso is a late 1970s Brazilian reggae rock band from Seropédica in Rio de Janeiro state.

Eduarda Brasil The Voice Kids

Eduarda Brasil is a 15-year old forró singer from Cajazeiras in Paraíba state.


MC Koringa

MC Koringa is a Brazilian funk singer. His hit songs include Pedala Robinho (2005), and soundtracks for telenovelas A Favorita, Avenida Brasil, and Salve Jorge.

Toni Garrido

Toni Garrido is the lead singer of Cidade Negra, a Brazilian reggae band.

Ana Furtado

Ana Furtado is a Brazilian TV presenter for É de Casa.

33rd Brazilian Day New York 2017

Litttle Brazil is the place to be on Sunday, September 3, 2017 from 11:30am through the afternoon. The center of the party is on Sixth Avenue near 46th St in Midtown.

Brazilian Day New York 2017 is hosted by Brazilian TV star Otaviano Costa. The crowds will be entertained by Brazilian singer Claudia Leitte, Brazilian Pagode band Sorriso Maroto, and Brazilian Sertanejo stars Marcos & Belutti.

32nd Brazilian Day New York 2016

Brazilian Day New York 2016 Photo Gallery

The 32nd Brazilian Day New York 2016 festival is Sunday, September 4 at 1pm at Sixth Avenue and 46th Street.

The master of ceremonies is Otaviano Costa, the host of “Vídeo Show” on Rede Globo.

Performers include Brazilian pop stars César Menotti and Fabiano, pop rock band Jota Quest, plus singer and actress Preta Gil.

Brazilian Day New York 2016 Reel

César Menotti and Fabiano

César Menotti and Fabiano are stars of Sertaneja. Basically Sertaneja is Brazilian country music. It has become super popular in Brazil in the last decade. You have to admit César Menotti and Fabiano make you smile and dance. It’s infectious.

César Menotti and Fabiano on tour

Jota Quest

Jota Quest ~ Um dia Pra Não Se Esquecer featuring Projota

Preta Gil

Preta Gil – Que Isso Neguinho?

31st Brazilian Day New York 2015

The Brazilian Day New York 2015 Reel
The 2015 Brazilian Day New York presenters were:

  • Paula Fernandes (1984) is a famously beautiful Brazilian singer-songwriter from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais
  • Fábio Jr. (1953) is a Brazilian singer-songwriter and telenovela actor from the capital São Paulo
  • Durval Lelys (1957) is a Brazilian singer-songwriter from Salvador, Bahia. He is the frontman of the band Asa de Águila and prominent in Brazilian Carnaval.
  • Olodum (1979) is a Brazilian cultural organization founded by Neguinho do Samba in Salvador, Bahia that produces music and theater as outreach to young people and outsiders. Olodum is famous for its Samba Reggae and Carnaval shows. Samba Reggae is a Pan-Latin blend of Samba, Merengue, Salsa, and Reggae rhythms. Olodum has an international reputation. They have worked with Michael Jackson, Pitbull on the 2014 FIFA World Cup song, Paul Simon, and other world-class artists.

Salvador, Bahia in the Brazilian Northeast is one of the wellsprings of Brazilian culture. The city is located on a great natural harbor like New York City. It was the first colonial capital of Brazil and is famous for its Portuguese colonial architecture. Salvador is one of the great blends of Native, European, and African American culture. The city hosts the world’s biggest Carnaval and is famous for “felicidade,” the happiness of its people.

Brazilians know how to throw a party. Brazilian Day New York 2015 was a great one.

30th Brazilian Day New York 2014

Brazilian Day New York

Brazilian Day in New York 2014 was Sunday, August 31, 2014. The host again this year was Brazilian TV personality Serginho Groisman. The year’s main acts were Zeca Pagodinho (Brazilian, 1959), a samba and pagoda singer/songwriter, and Gusttavo Lima (Brazilian, 1989) a sertaneja singer.

Brazilian Day New York 2014 Reel

Brazilian Day New York 2013

In 2013, 25 blocks of Little Brazil (West 46th Street) and part of Sixth Avenue were closed for a day of live music, entertainment by Brazilian celebrities, food and friends.

The 2013 host was Serginho Groisman. The main performers were Zeca Pagodinho and Gusttavo Lima. The 2013 celebration was part of the countdown to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

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