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Boca Juniors is one of Argentina’s most popular and successful soccer clubs. “Los Bosteros” (The manure handlers) play Argentina Primera División soccer from Estadio Alberto J. Armando, “La Bombonera,” in the La Boca neighborhood of Buenos Aires.

Boca is the team of working-class Argentina.

Boca Juniors NYC Supporters Club

Boca Juniors New York is NYC’s Boca Juniors supporters club. In Argentina, hardcore Boca supporters are called “La Doce” (The 12). The nickname comes from 1925 when a wealthy Boca fan traveled with the team on a European tour. He was so dedicated to the team that they called him “Player No. 12.”

Boca Juniors Team

Boca Juniors is coached by Guillermo Barros Schelotto (Argentina). Schelotto came to Boca in 2016 after coaching another Argentine team Lanús.

The attack is led by veteran Argentine international Carlos Tevez with support from a young Sebastián Palacios.

Defense is led by Argentine veteran Daniel Díaz.

Boca Juniors Trophies

Boca Juniors won the 2015 Argentina Primera División. They also won the 2014/15 Copa Argentina, and the 2015/16 Super Copa.

Boca Juniors Rivals

Boca’s arch-rivals are River Plate of Buenos Aires. Both teams started in La Boca, an old working-class neighborhood. River Plate later moved to the rich part of Buenos Aires.

Today Boca is the team of Argentina’s working class. River Plate is the team of Argentina’s wealthy elite. Most Argentines identify with one team or the other.

Boca vs River matches are called the “Superclásico.” The Superclásico is the most popular and important game in Argentina, and one of the world’s great soccer rivalries. If you really love soccer, you must watch Boca Juniors vs River Plate in La Bombonera once in your life.

I watched this match once in the Boca Juniors general admission seats. The drums, the songs, the flags, the fireworks, and not being allowed to leave the stadium by police until after River Plate fans had left was an unforgettable experience.

Boca Juniors Academy

There is a Boca Juniors soccer academy in Newark, New Jersey.


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