Celebrate Malbec World Day 2020 with a good glass of Argentine wine

Malbec is the best known Argentine wine.

The grape is originally from France where it is one of grapes in red Bordeaux. Disease and a severe frost in 1956 greatly reduced Malbec production in France.

Malbec was first planted in Argentina in 1853 at the request of Domingo Faustino Sarmiento who later became the seventh president of Argentina. Malbec World Day celebrates those first plantings.

Argentine vinters rediscovered the distinctive qualities of their Malbec as Argentine wine production shifted towards quality wine in the late 20th century.

Malbec World Day 2019

Malbec World Day is Wednesday, April 17, 2019. This year’s theme is “Elegance doesn’t need perfection.”

On Monday, April 15, Wines of Argentina and the Argentine Consulate of New York are hosting a walk-around tasting of twenty-five premium Malbecs and a tango show in The Loft at City Winery in Hudson Square, Manhattan from 7-9pm $30. A VIP version includes an Afterparty at City Vineyard from 9:30-11pm for $60.

Malbec World Day 2018

Malbec World Day is Tuesday, April 17, 2018.

There are no Malbec World Day events in New York City this year. Wines of Argentina is hosting a dinner in Dallas. Check back next year.

Malbec World Day 2017

Consul General of Argentina Mateo Estréme with Ximena Ojeda

Consul General of Argentina Mateo Estréme with Ximena Ojeda
The Argentine Consulate of New York sponsored a Malbec tasting at Balvanera restaurant in the Lower East Side.

Malbec World Day at Balvanera in New York City

Argentina produces Malbec in its North, Cuyo, and Patagonia wine-producing regions.

Malbec is the most planted grape in Argentina

Today Malbec is the most widely planted red grape in Argentina.

Argentine Malbec produces a full range of fine wines

Guests tasted FIN DEL MUNDO Reserva Malbec 2015 and COLOME ESTATE Malbec 2014; NIETO SENETINER Don Nicanor Malbec Barrel Select 2014 and ALTA VISTA Terroir Selection 2014; and finished with EL ESTECO Chañar Punco 2013 and a very special WEINERT ESTRELLA 1977 which showed how well Argentine Malbec ages.

The tasting was paired with traditional Argentine snacks by Chef Fernando Navas.


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