Michael Alvarez ‘We’re Out Here’ at Marlborough Contemporary

Michael Alvarez is a young Los Angeles-based artist with a Mexican heritage. Born in 1983, he grew up in the El Sereno neighborhood of East Los Angeles. His studio is in Koreatown.

Alvarez was one of those kids who drew all the time. In high school, a teacher who noticed, steered him towards art school.

Michael’s subjects are the characters of everyday life in Los Angeles. His influences include skateboarding, graffiti, and photography. Subjects include skateboarding, yearbook portraits, family snapshots, backyard parties, and street life.

Some of his street scenes incorporate motion blurs and capture what might happen over a space of time. Alvarez is sort of the David Hockney of East LA.

The David Hockney of East LA

It’s not all what it seems to be. Some of the portraits are compositions from multiple sources, including artwork by his students. Alvarez teaches at alternative education high schools and juvenile detention centers.

If you grew up in Los Angeles, these are pictures of home. I grew up in El Sereno, too. Michael’s pictures are filled with my own memories.

Marlborough Contemporary describes Alvarez really well in saying “We begin to see through carefully constructed surfaces, revealing a tender humanity.”

“We begin to see through carefully constructed surfaces, revealing a tender humanity”
Marlborough Contemporary


Michael Alvarez We’re Out Here

Michael Alvarez We’re Out Here is Alvarez’ first solo New York show. It opens with a reception at Marlborough Contemporary in Chelsea, Manhattan with a reception on Thursday, February 15, 2018 from 6 – 8 pm. The exhibition runs through March 17.

The exhibition’s title reflects Alvarez’ matter-of-fact style. It’s just what you would say to let your friends know that you’re hanging out in the backyard.

“We’re out here. [Dude]”

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