Salt Cathedral

Salt Cathedral is a Brooklyn-based ElectroPop band fronted by Juliana Ronderos and Nicolas Losada. Both are originally from Bogotá, Colombia. The band photo is courtesy of the artists.

About Salt Cathedral

Juliana Ronderos and Nicolas Losada are “niños bien,” rich kids from Bogotá, Colombia. You can tell by their body language and their Bogotá accent when they speak Spanish. Colombian life is full of music and dance. A lot of these young Bogotános make interesting music. We have watched some of them get big.

Their sound is Juliana’s ethereal voice floating over Losada’s spare electronics. The music captures the insecurity of young love or finding your way in a foreign land. Their videos are worth watching.

This is a young unsigned band coming up out of the Brooklyn underground. Let’s see what happens.

Salt Cathedral Shows

Salt Cathedral headlines a show with Ryan Egan and Corbu at Berlin, a tiny basement club underneath 2A at 25 Avenue A in the East Village, on Friday, March 25, 8pm. This is the underground (literally). It’s a bit like New York used to be.

Salt Cathedral Shrine

The band’s name comes from an underground shrine originally built in the 1930s by miners at an ancient salt mine in Zipaquirá, Colombia. A new cathedral was built inside the old mine in the 1990s. In includes a sculpture “La Creation del Hombre” (The creation of man) by Carlos Enrique Rodríguez. Today it is a popular tourist attraction that is also used by some as a church.

Salt Cathedral Zipaquirá by Novoaparra

Shrine photo by Novoaparra

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