‘The Silence of Others’ speaks to the silence of our own leaders

Carracedo and Bahar’s 2018 Spanish movie The Silence of Others screens at Film Forum in Hudson Square, NYC from Wednesday, May 8 to Tuesday, May 14, 2019 (Extended to May 23). From $9

Pedro Almodóvar executive produced the film.

The film considers the impact of pardoning horrible crimes against humanity committed during the Franco dictatorship. The legacy of unpunished crime destroys civil society. It takes the soul out of a country.

I was raised in the States to believe that things like this only happen in “other” countries. We looked down on them. But now our own government is committing terrible crimes against humanity.

One of our political parties is completely quiet in the face of corruption, theft, family separation, the abandonment of American values and the willful destruction of the U.S. form of government.

Silence in the name of the United States makes us all responsible. History will not remember whether it was Democrats or Republicans. History will only remember what we as a people have done. We have become “the others.”

¡Qué vergüenza! (what a shame).

In the face of crimes against humanity, will you be silent?

The Silence of Others

Terrible crimes against humanity were committed by the Franco regime from 1936 to 1975. These included family separation, sadistic torture and the murder of at least one hundred thousand of its own people.

Babies were taken at birth and given away just like in Argentina’s Dirty War (1974 – 1983). These things are always done in support of some kind of claim of purity. The Franco regime used religion as a cover for its crimes, claiming that they were necessary to uphold civilization. Sound familiar?

In 1977, the Spanish government passed a law that provided amnesty for the oppression, torture and murder of the Franco years. It has allowed sadists to live in communities with the people they tortured.

The movie follows the victims’ epic struggle to organize the “Argentine Lawsuit” in order to find justice and peace.

¡Nunca más! (Never again!)

The Silence of Others Tickets

Wednesday, May 8 to Tuesday, May 14, 2019
From $9

Tickets are available at the box office and online at filmforum.org

Introduction by Rafael Conde de Saro, Consul General of Spain in New York and Q&A with the filmmakers
Wednesday, May 8 at 7pm

Brooklyn Institute for Social Research Post-Screening Panel
Thursday, May 9 at 7pm

Q&A with director Almudena Carracedo
Friday, May 10 at 7pm
Saturday, May 11 at4:40pm

Film Forum

209 West Houston St, New York, NY 10014
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Hudson Square, Manhattan

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