Latin Dance Fiesta Chile, Guatemala, Haiti & Uruguay at the Queens Theatre

The 4th Annual Latin Dance Fiesta features Chilean, Guatemalan, Haitian, and Uruguayan dance companies at The Queens Theatre in Flushing Meadows Corona Park, Queens on April 27, 2019 at 8pm. From $20

For us, there is no difference between music and dance. Where there is one, there is the other.

We use music and dance to celebrate our joys and to process our sorrows. In many communities, how you dance is the most important expression of who you are, both as a member of a community, and as an individual.

Latin Dance Fiesta

The Latin Dance Fiesta brings four very unique Latin American dance companies to the Queens Theatre

  • Grupo Folclorico Aconcagua from Chile
  • Bula Dance Company from Guatemala
  • Peniel Guerrier Dance Company from Haiti
  • Grupo La Gozadera from Uruguay

Come and see these four amazing dance companies who are very different from each other, yet are all completely Latin American. This is who we are.

And be sure to bring your entire family. It’s important that our children have some idea of our diversity and where come from.

Latin Dance Fiesta Tickets

Saturday, April 27 at 8pm
From $20

Tickets are available at the door and online at

Queens Theatre

14 United Nations Ave S, Corona, NY 11368
(next to the New York State Pavilion, near the Unisphere)
Flushing Meadows Corona Park, Queens

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