Latin Culture in Queens

About half of Queens was foreign-born in 2011. It is one of the most diverse places on the planet. Ecuadorians and Mexicans are the biggest Latin cultures in Queens. Jackson Heights has long been a center of many Latin communities.

Rio Market has the cure for Saudade

This Brazilian supermarket in the “Little Brazil” section of Queens has become a center for NYC’s Brazilian community

Terraza 7 is the heart of NY’s Latin American Jazz scene

World Jazz club and community center in the heart of Latin Queens


An experimental contemporary art exhibition space in Queens that is affiliated with MoMA, the Museum of Modern Art

La Boom is a popular Latin night club

Hosts touring acts on Fridays, a tropical dance party on Saturdays, and a Mexican night on Sundays in Woodside, Queens

Museum of the Moving Image

A museum of film, television, and digital media that presents exhibitions and movie screenings