Vogue México Cover features Salma Hayek

Vogue México November 2018 gives Mexican – American actress Salma Hayek the cover. Sofía Aguilar did the interview.

The cover was shot by Alexi Lubomirski. Angelo DeSanto styled the shoot. Peter Savic did Hayek’s hair. Jo Baker did her make up.

What is most striking about the cover is perhaps not Hayek’s natural beauty, but her vulnerability. Lubomirski and Hayek did a great job opening up to one another.

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek is busy woman. After 30 years in the movie business, she is an actress, producer, director, wife, mother and activist. Hayek is not a quiet woman by any means. In the interview, she adds her unique perspective to the #MeToo chorus.

Like other people of good character, Hayek refuses to be labeled. She fights for women’s rights, but doesn’t consider herself a feminist. In the best sense of achievement, Hayek uses her blessings to help her sisters. She encourages us to stop playing men’s game and find our own voice. In particular men’s tendency towards anger and violence is not productive.

Aguilar and Hayek talk about the difference in relations between women in the United States and México. Hayek talks about being a mother teaching her daughter and her philanthropy work. She encourages us to not just complain on social media, but to become involved in more direct ways.

Read the interview (in Spanish)

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