Americas Society / Council of the Americas

Business, culture, and politics of the Americas

‘Kamchatka’ is a new opera about a boy’s view of Argentina’s Dirty War

Produced by Americas Society
Dixon Place
Lower East Side, Manhattan
Tuesday – Wednesday
June 5 – 6, 2018

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680 Park Avenue (between 68th & 69th St) | Upper East Side

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Americas Society / Council of the Americas
Upper East Side, Manhattan
Wednesday – Saturday
March 22 – June 30, 2018

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October 5, 2012
Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan

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Americas Society
Upper East Side, Manhattan
September 26, 2012

The Business of Politics

Americas Society was founded by David Rockefeller (Standard Oil, Chase Manhattan Bank) in 1965. His cousin the Marquesa de Cuevas (she married a Chilean) saved the entire block of town houses. He put Americas Society in one of them.

The Rockefeller family was also instrumental in the founding of the U.N. and of course Rockefeller Center.

The idea was to bring together government, business and cultural leaders for dialogs about the problems we share in this hemisphere. Americas Society has hosted many of the great thinkers of our time.

Americas Society played a role in getting NAFTA passed.

Americas Society has respected art and music programs. Americas Society programs are a great place to meet established professionals.

The concept sounds pretty fancy pants, but where else do governments, businesses and people come together to talk through our problems?