AIPAD Photography Show 2018 is America’s leading fine art photography fair

The Photography Show is America’s leading fine art photography show. It is one of the world’s most prestigious fine art photography fairs.


The Photography Show is produced by AIPAD, The Association of International Photography Art Dealers. AIPAD is America’s association of leading fine art photography dealers.

38th AIPAD Photography Show

The 38th AIPAD Photography Show is at Pier 94 in Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan from April 5 – 8, 2018 with a vernissage on April 4.

It’s another great show. There are so many images that make you stop and wonder. Some artists are conceptual, some focus on technique, some catch the moment, and some are good with people. Some booths develop a theme, many are a mish-mash of interesting images.

John Messinger at UNIX Gallery Booth #110

John Messinger, UNIX Gallery, AIPAD 2018

John Messinger, UNIX Gallery, AIPAD 2018

We liked the work of John Messinger at UNIX Gallery booth #110. He’s a Jewish –  Colombian – American photographer who creates tapestries from instant photographs. They reference David Hockney Polaroid collages and the cover of the Talking Heads album More Songs about Buildings and Food (Sire Records, 1978). But instead of merely breaking an image into cells, Messinger likes to photograph the light coming off of screens. He uses the images in a painterly way to create something entirely new.

Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery Booth #202

Detail of Sohei Nishino's 'Havana.' Courtesy of the artist / Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery.

Detail of Sohei Nishino’s ‘Havana.’ Courtesy of the artist / Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery.

Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery is showing large prints with a variety of themes including some technical tricks by Robert Currie and Wang Ningde.

Sohei Nishino contributes one of his diorama maps, a photo collage of downtown Havana, Cuba. Nishino goes beyond showing a map of places to show the life that happens in and around those places. He takes a lot of pictures to make those collages.

Laurence Miller Gallery Booth #305

Laurence Miller Gallery at The Photography Show 2018.

Laurence Miller Gallery at The Photography Show 2018.

Laurence Miller is showing work from Luca Campigotto’s Nocturne (Italian) and Rodrigo Valenzuela’s Intervention (Chilean).

Laurence Miller talking to a collector at AIPAD

Laurence Miller talking to a collector at AIPAD

AIPAD Photography Show Galleries

Argentine Galleries

  1. Rolf Art of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Booth #430
  2. Vasari of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Booth #404

Brazilian Galleries

  1. Utópica of São Paulo, Brazil. Booth #607

French Galleries

  1. 555Bellechasse of Paris, France. Booth #704
  2. baudoin lebon of Paris, France. Booth #205
  3. Galerie Catherine et André Hug of Paris, France. Booth #521
  4. galerie SIT DOWN of Paris, France. Booth #705
  5. Gilles Peyroulet & Cie of Paris, France. Booth #424
  6. Jean-Kenta Gauthier of Paris, France. Booth #106
  7. La Galerie de l’Instant of Paris, France. Booth #408
  8. Le Douches La Galerie of Paris, France. Booth #603
  9. Les filles du calvaire of Paris, France. Booth #306
  10. Polka Galerie of Paris, France. Booth #104
  11. Toluca Fine Art of Paris, France. Booth #108

New York Galleries

  1. Alan Klotz Gallery. Booth #416
  2. Bruce Silverstein. Booth #500
  3. Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery. Booth #202
  4. Charles Isaacs Photographs, Inc. Booth #409
  5. ClampArt. Booth #605
  6. Deborah Bell Photographs. Booth #515
  7. Edwynn Houk Gallery. Booth #400
  8. Elizabeth Houston Gallery. Booth #801
  9. Flowers Gallery. Booth #606
  10. Gary Edwards Gallery. Booth #422
  11. Gitterman Gallery. Booth #412
  12. Hans P. Kraus Jr. Inc. Booth #302
  13. Howard Greenberg Gallery. Booth #501
  14. JHB Gallery. Booth #314
  15. Julie Saul Gallery. Booth #304
  16. Keith de Lellis Gallery. Booth #519
  17. L. Parker Stephenson Photographs. Booth #210
  18. Laurence Miller Gallery. Booth #305
  19. Mary Ryan Gallery. Booth #708
  20. Nailya Alexander Gallery. Booth #404
  21. Paul Nicklen Gallery. Booth #706
  22. Rick Wester Fine Art. Booth #414
  23. Robert Mann Gallery. Booth #401
  24. Sears-Peyton Gallery. Booth #805
  25. Senior & Shopmaker Gallery. Booth #803
  26. Sous Les Etoiles Gallery. Booth #204
  27. Staley-Wise Gallery. Booth #703
  28. Steven Kasher Gallery. Booth #600
  29. Throckmorton Fine Art. Booth #700 (Latin American and Mexican art)
  30. UNIX Gallery. Booth #110
  31. Winter Works on Paper. Booth #421
  32. Yancey Richardson Gallery. Booth #303

AIPAD Photography Show Tickets

Wednesday, April 4

Vernissage VIP: 2 pm – 5 pm
Vernissage Public: 5 pm – 9 pm

Thursday – Saturday, April 5 – 7

VIP: 11 am – 12 noon
Public: 12 noon – 8 pm

Sunday, April 8

VIP: 11 am – 12 pm
Public: 12 noon – 6 pm

Tickets can be purchased online or at the door. These are online rates.

VIP Vernissage: $150
Public Vernissage: $75

Single Day: $30 (Student $20)
Multiple Day: $60

AIPAD Talks: $10

Visit Pier 94

711 Twelfth Ave, New York, NY 10019
(at 54th St)
Hells Kitchen (Midtown West), Manhattan


(C) (E) to 50th St – Eighth Ave


  • M50 to 49th St – Twelfth Ave
  • M12 to Twelfth Ave – 52nd St
  • M31 to 54th St – Eleventh Ave
  • M16 or M42 to 42nd St – Twelfth Ave

For more information, visit


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