Analia Centurion Tango & Milonga master class at Tango La Nacional

Analia Centurion is a respected Argentine Tango dancer, choreographer and teacher.

Analia Centurion

Centurion is originally from Chacabuco, a small town about three hours outside of Buenos Aires. She started her classical dance training at age six.

Tango Golden Age and Villa Urquiza

Analia learned her craft from artists of the Golden Age of Tango such as Mingo and Esther Pugliese, Carlos Gavito (Tango Argentino) and Rosa and Carlos Peres of Sunderland in Villa Urquiza.

In fact, Sunderland is what comes to mind when one thinks of Analia. She dances stage Tango as well, but her dance is rooted in the classic and honorable traditions of Villa Urquiza, a neighborhood on the outskirts of Buenos Aires where Tango survived during the prohibition years of 1955 – 1982. Villa Urquiza Tango is strong. The Tango codes and the dance are respected. Many of the guests at Sunderland have been going there every Saturday night for the last 30 years.

Tango Renaissance

Centurion also studied with leading artists from the Tango Renaissance such as Julio Balmaceda and Corina de la Rosa ( Salón Canning), Milena Plebs, Johanna Copes (the most important Tango promoter in Buenos Aires), Guillermina Quiroga, and Tango Nuevo godfathers Fabian Salas and Gustavo Naveira.

Juan Carlos Copes Company

Centurion has been a Tango performer since 1995. She has also been a member of the Juan Carlos Copes company and other Tango productions. Copes is the father of the Tango show.

Gabrielle Missé

Centurion directed the Fusion Tango dance company from 2002 to 2006. She has taught in the studio of Mora Godoy. Analia was for many years the dance partner of Gabrielle Missé, one of the great Tango dancers of our time. Together they thrilled audiences at New York City Center, the Aspen Summer Dance Festival, and Tango festivals around the world.

Analia Centurion in New York City

Centurion teaches a master class of functional sequences for Tango & Milonga at Tango La Nacional at La Nacional in Chelsea, Manhattan on Thursday, April 26, 2018 at 8:15 pm. $15

Centurion is in New York a lot. Whether you go to see her perform or study with her, you can’t go wrong with Analia Centurion.


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