Andalusian Voices: Linares, Heredia, & Arcángel at Carnegie Hall

Andalusian Voices: Carmen Linares, Marina Heredia, and Arcángel at Carnegie Hall’s Stern Auditorium / Perelman Stage on Saturday, March 17, 2018 at 8 pm is a night that blends the best of flamenco traditions with the best flamenco today.

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This is part of Carnegie Hall’s Around the Globe series. It is produced with Flamenco Festival, Inc., producers of Flamenco Festivals worldwide.

Listening to the video clip, you can hear south Asia, and the Middle East in the music. The cry of Flamenco has Jewish elements and the Muslim call to prayer in it.

Spanish Flamenco is a multicultural blend of musical forms that originated with the Romany people (Gypsy) of Northern India. The Romany were traveling court musicians. Many have migrated since the 14th century to Europe and the Americas. Some still live in India.

On the way to Spain, Flamenco absorbed the sounds of the journey through what is now Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Bulgaria, the Balkans, Italy, France, and Spain. In the ancient European perspective, Spain was the end of the world. Andalusia is the end of Spain. It is where traveling peoples ended up, though a few crossed into North Africa.

North Africans also crossed into Andalusia giving Flamenco its Moorish and later Arab flavors. There were many Jews in Spain. When Muslims, Jews, and Christians worked together, we created a Spanish Golden Age. But we also fought, and in so doing, destroyed a lot of human potential.

Even growing up in Bangkok, Thailand, the other direction from India, I recognize the root melodies, rhythms, and the fiery hands of Flamenco in my own culture.

Being migrants we suffered terribly. We release our suffering through the Flamenco. That release is a source of joy. You will feel it when you leave Carnegie Hall. You’ll be a little lighter than when you went in. ¡ Ole !

Carmen Linares

Carmen Pacheco Rodríguez Linares is one of the world’s great traditional flamenco singers. She was born in Linares, Jaén Province of Andalusia, Spain in 1951.

Linares is the daughter of Flamenco guitarist Antonio Pacheco Segura, so she started singing as a child in the traditional way at family gatherings before moving on to Flamenco clubs. Linares began her recording career in 1970. She was awarded Spain’s Premio Nacional de Música (National Award for Music) in 2001.

The Spanish Flamenco world is a very traditional society. It is important to enter the Flamenco from here.

Marina Heredia

Marina Heredia Ríos is from the Albaicín neighborhood in Granada, Spain. That’s the old Muslim neighborhood of the most famous Spanish Muslim city, best known for the Alhambra palace.

Marina’s father Jaime Heredia Amaya “El Parrón” was also a singer. Heredia started singing as a child, made her first recording at thirteen and began touring internationally when she was just fifteen.


Francisco José Arcángel Ramos was born in Huelva, Spain on the Gulf of Cádiz. He started singing in 1987. In 1998 his professional career took off.

Additional Performers

The program includes a performance by Ana Morales, former principal dancer of Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía in Seville, Spain. Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía is the world’s leading Spanish Flamenco dance company.

The artists will be accompanied by:

  • Isidro Muñoz, Music Director
  • Miguel Ángel Cortés, Guitar
  • José Quevedo “Bolita,” Guitar
  • Paquito González, Percussion

Andalusian Voices Tickets

Tickets from $17 to $80

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