Angelita Montoya ‘Versos olvidados’ (Forgotten Verses) at Roulette

Angelita Montoya

For us, family is everything. Angelita Montoya is from the legendary Montoya Family which rose to prominence in the Flamenco resurgence of the 1970s.

The family patriarch was Flamenco guitarist Ramón Montoya who was one of the artists who established the Flamenco form we know today in the 1910s. Ramón moved the Flamenco guitar from a supporting instrument into a soloist’s spotlight.

Angelita’s mother is famous Flamenco singer Antonia “La Negra” Rodriguez. Her father is Flamenco dancer Juan Montoya.

Angelita Montoya was born into the family in 1971. By 1980, she was working in Flamenco shows.

Angelita Montoya Albums

Her debut album is Versos olvidados (AB Music Producciones, 2017) with Alejandro Cruz Benavides. It’s a tribute to female members of the “Generación del 27,” a group of avant-garde poets that started in Seville in 1927.

Beloved Spanish playwright Federico García Lorca was a member of the Generación del 27. The years that followed were a time of great change as Spanish society tried to shake off the limitations of the Victorian era in the Second Spanish Republic of 1931 – 1939.

The possibilities of that time cannot be understated. Spain never had an Industrial Revolution. This was Spain’s best chance to modernize. Women looked for freedom beyond their traditional roles. The movement ended with the Spanish Civil War of 1936 – 1939.

Angelita Montoya in NYC

Angelita Montoya presents the New York debut of her first album Versos olividados (Forgotten Verses): A Tribute to Women Poets at Roulette in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn on Friday, March 16, 2018 at 8 pm. $28 – $32

Angelita Montoya Tickets

Angelita Montoya. Courtesy of Paco Lobato / the artist.

Angelita Montoya. Courtesy of Paco Lobato / the artist.

Friday, March 16, 2018 at 8 pm

509 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217
Boerum Hill (Downtown)

$28 – $32

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