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The Armory Show 2017 is NYC’s big international art fair

The Armory Show is an annual international art fair held in New York City every March as part of Armory Week. The Armory Show is one of NYC’s major art fairs.

About the Armory Show

The original Armory Show was a historic 1913 exhibition at the 69th Regiment Armory that introduced European modern art to Americans. It was the first time most Americans saw the Fauvist, Cubist, and Futurist art of figures such as Paul Cezanne, Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, and Marcel Duchamp.

The current Armory Show was founded in 1994. The first show presented new work by living artists at the Gramercy Park Hotel. It renamed itself The Armory Show when the fair moved to the 69th Regiment Armory in 1999.

Today The Armory Show takes over Piers 92 & 94 on Manhattan’s West Side. Modern works are shown on Pier 92. Contemporary work is shown on Pier 94. The show is seen by over 65,000 visitors annually and is reported to sell around $85 million dollars work of art.

Art critic Benjamin Genocchio, formerly of Artnet, is the show’s Director.


The Armory Show 2017

The 23rd Armory Show 2017 at Piers 92 94 from March 2-5 is made up of exhibitions by over 200 galleries from 30 countries.

The event kicks off with The Armory Party on Wednesday, March 1. It is a benefit for The Museum of Modern Art hosted by the museum’s Director Glenn D. Lowry. There will be a live performance by St. Lucia.

The show is structured into exhibitor sections: Galleries, Insights, Presents, Focus, and Platform.

Latin Galleries

Galleries is the core section of international galleries.

Brazilian Galleries

SILVIA CINTRA + BOX 4 of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil www.SilviaCintra.com.br
GALERIA NARA ROESLER of Sao Paulo, Brazil www.NaraRoesler.com.br
GALERIA LUISA STRINA of Sao Paulo, Brazil www.GaleriaLuisaStrina.com.br

Cuban Galleries

HABANA of Havana, Cuba www.GaleriHabana.com

French Galleries

BUGADA & CARGNEL of Paris, France www.BugadaCargnel.com
GALERIE BERNARD CEYSSON of Paris, France www.BernardCeysson.com
GALERIE FRANK ELBAZ of Paris, France www.GalerieFrankElbaz.com
GALERIE LAURENT GODIN of Paris, France www.LaurentGodin.com
KAMEL MENNOUR of Paris, France www.KamelMennour.com
MOR CHARPENTIER of Paris, France www.Mor-Charpentier.com
GALERIE NATHALIE OBADIA of Paris, France www.NathalieObadia.com
GALERIE JÉRÔME POGGI of Paris, France www.GaleriePoggi.com
PRAZ-DELAVALLADE Paris, France www.Praz-Delavallade.com
MICHEL REIN of Paris, France www.MichelRein.com
GALERIE THADDAEUS ROPAC of Paris, France www.Ropac.net
GALERIE SUZANNE TARASIEVE of Paris, France www.Suzanne-Tarasieve.com
GALERIE DANIEL TEMPLON of Paris, France www.DanielTemplon.com
GALERIE GEORGES-PHILIPPE & NATHALIE VALLOIS of Paris, France www.Galerie-Vallois.com

Italian Galleries

CARDI GALLERY of Milan, Italy www.CardiGallery.com
GALLERIA CONTINUA of San Gimignano, Italy www.GalleriaContinua.com
MONICA DE CARDENAS of Milan, Italy www.MonicadeCardenas.com
KAUFMANN REPETTO of Milan, Italy www.KaufmannRepetto.com
LUCE GALLERY of Turin, Italy www.LuceGallery.com
GALLERIA D’ARTE MAGGIORE G.A.M. of Bologna, Italy www.MaggioreGAM.com
MAZZOLENI of Turin, Italy www.MazzoleniArt.com
FRANCESCA MININI of Milan, Italy www.FrancescaMinini.it
GALLERIA MASSIMO MININI of Brescia, Italy www.GalleriaMinini.it
MONITOR of Rome, Italy www.MonitorOnline.org
LORCAN O’NEILL of Rome, Italy www.LorcanOneill.com
P420 of Bologna, Italy www.p420.it
LIA RUMMA of Milan, Italy www.LiaRumma.com
VISTAMARE of Pescara, Italy www.Vistamare.com

Mexican Galleries

HILARIO GALGUERA GALLERY of Mexico City, Mexico www.GaleriaHilarioGalguera.com
OMR of Mexico City, Mexico www.GaleriaOMR.com
PROYECTOSMONCLOVA of Mexico City, Mexico www.Proyectosmonclova.com

Portuguese Galleries

GALERIA VERA CORTÊS of Lisbon, Portugal www.VeraCortes.com

Romanian Galleries

GALERIA PLAN B of Cluj, Romania www.Plan-b.ro

Spanish Galleries

CASADO SANTAPAU of Madrid, Spain www.CasadoSantapau.com
GALERIA MOISES PEREZ DE ALBENIZ of Madrid, Spain www.GaleriaMPA.com

Latin Insights

Insights highlights canonical works of modernism.

Brazilian Insights

BERGAMIN & GOMIDE of Sao Paulo, Brazil www.BergaminGomide.com.br

Italian Insights

LORENZELLI ARTE of Milan, Italy www.LorenzelliArte.com
GALLERIA D’ARTE MAGGIORE G.A.M. of Bologna, Italy www.MaggioreGAM.com
MONTRASIO ARTE / KM0 of Monza, Italy www.MontrasioArte.it

Spanish Insights

GALERIA MARC DOMÈNECH of Barcelona, Spain www.GaleriaMarcDomenech.com
MAYORAL of Barcelona, Spain www.GaleriaMayoral.com

Latin Presents

Presents hosts young galleries showing recent work by emerging artists.

Colombian Presents

INSTITUTO DE VISIÓN of Bogota, Colombia presents Sebastián Fierro and
Ana Roldán www.InstitutoDeVision.com

Cuban Presents

EL APARTAMENTO of Havana, Cuba presents Diana Fonseca www.ArtApartamento.com

French Presents

GAUDEL DE STAMPA of Paris, France presents Jill Mulleady and
Jessica Warboys www.GaudelDeStampa.fr

GALERIE ALBERTA PANE of Paris, France presents Marcos Lutyens and
Romina De Novellis www.GalerieAlbertaPane.com

GALERIE SULTANA of Paris, France presents Jacin Giordano and
Bettina Samson www.GalerieSultana.com

GALERIE JOSEPH TANG of Paris, France presents Jo-ey Tang and
Carlos Reyes www.GalerieJosephTang.com

Italian Presents

LAVERONICA ARTE CONTEMPORANEA of Modica, Italy presents Marinella Senatore www.GlleriaLaveronica.it

Mexican Presents

ARREDONDO AROZARENA of Mexico City, Mexico presents Francisco Ugarte www.ArredondoArozarena.com

Spanish Presents

SABRINA AMRANI of Madrid, Spain presents Joël Andrianomearisoa and
Manal AlDowayan www.SabrinaAmrani.com

ESPAIVISOR of Valencia, Spain presents Bleda y Rosa,
Patricia Gómez & Maria Jesús González www.Espaivisor.com

Latin Focus

Focus presents 12 solo shows curated by Jarrett Gregory, Associate Curator of Contemporary Art at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The Focus title is What Is to be Done?. We are all facing that question now.

APALAZZOGALLERY of Brescia, Italy focuses on Ibrahim Mahama www.Apalazzo.net

GALLERIA MICHELA RIZZO of Venice, Italy focuses on Roman Opalka galleriamichelarizzo.net

Latin Platform

Platform is a new curated section of large-scale artworks, installations and site-specific commissions across Piers 92 & 94. It is curated by Eric Shiner, Director of The Andy Warhol Museum.

Paul Kasmin Gallery (New York) is showing Chant (2016-17) by Chilean artist Iván Navarro (1972, Santiago, Chile). www.PaulKasminGallery.com

Pan American Art Projects (Miami) is showing Emigrant’s Pinball by Cuban artist Abel Barroso (1971, Pinar del Rio, Cuba).

Cristina Grajales Gallery of New York City is showing The Awareness of Uncertainty (2017) by Chilean artist Sebastian Errazuriz (1977, Santiago, Chile)

Visiting the Armory Show

Piers 92 & 94
711 12th Avenue (between 52nd & 54th St)
New York, 10019

Thursday, March 2: 12–8pm
Friday, March 3: 12–8pm
Saturday, March 4: 12–7pm
Sunday, March 5: 12–6pm

(A) (C) (E) to 50th St
(N) (Q) (R) (W) to 57th St
(B) (D) to 59th St

Bus M12 to 12th Ave/52nd St or M31 to 54th St/11th Ave

Complimentary shuttle bus service is available from the Hudson Hotel on West 58th Street or Hotel Americano on West 27th Street.

The photo by Teddy Wolff is courtesy of the show. For more information and tickets, visit www.TheArmoryShow.com

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