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Bomba Estéreo ‘Ayo’ Grammy nominee

Bomba Estéreo is an Electro-Cumbia band from Bogotá, Colombia led by bass and keyboard player Simón Mejía and singer Liliana Saumet.

Bomba Estéreo translates literally as “stereo bomb,” but is Colombian slang for a really great party.

Liliana “Li” Saumet

Li is from Santa Marta, Colombia.

Bomba Estéreo Albums

Volumen 1 (2006, Polen Records)

This was Simón Mejía’s musical collective. Liliana was one of the vocalists. She came to the LAMC in New York City and got booked by Nacional Records.

Estalla / Blow Up (2009-09 Polen Records / Nacional Records)

The band was formed now. Several songs got picked up on television soundtracks and the band started getting some attention.

Fuego (Fire) was the lead single.

Elegancia Tropical (2012, FM Discos Y Cintas / Soundway)

The album was nominated for a Latin Grammy for “Best Alternative Music Album”. The album’s singles were El Alma y el Cuerpo (Body and Soul) and Pure Love.

Amanacer (2015, Sony Music)

“Soy Yo” (I am me) became part of the FIFA 16 soundtrack. The video, which was shot in Brooklyn, is very popular.

The album earned a Grammy nomination for “Best Latin Rock Urban or Alternative Album,” and Latin Grammy nominations for “Record of the Year” (Fiesta) and “Best Alternative Music Album.”

Amanacer made Rolling Stone’s list of 2015’s best albums.

Ayo (2015, Sony Music)

The kids are creating new music, but at the same time they are channeling Colombia’s rich past by including the flauta de millo, a native Andean flute.

Bomba Estéreo Awards

Bomba Estéreo’s instant classic Soy Yo was nominated for a 2017 Latin Grammy Award for Best Short Form Music Video.

Ayo earned a Grammys 2018 nomination for “Best Latin Rock, Urban or Alternative Album.”

Bomba Estéreo in New York City

The band plays Irving Plaza in Union Square on Tuesday-Wednesday, August 15-16, 2017 at 7:30pm.

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