Chicho Frumboli

Mariano “Chicho” Frumboli is an Argentine Tango dancer and teacher who is the leading artist of contemporary Tango.

Chicho is giving workshops with his partner Juana Sepúlveda at Adelante Studios Jan 13-17, 2017. They perform at the All Night Milonga at Stepping Out Studios Sat, Jan 14, 2017.

About Chicho Frumboli

Chicho y Juana at the Mallorca Tango Festival in 2010

Argentine Tango was danced a certain way in the 1930s (open embrace) and another way when it came back to life in the 1980s (close embrace). Chicho came up in the 1990s and really started to peak in the 2000s. He is the leading visionary of Contemporary Tango.

Chicho was part of the movement that some dancers call “Tango Nuevo” (New Tango) which was Tango movement danced to all kinds of music, and incorporating Ballet, Modern, and Contemporary expressions.

With Sebastián Arce and Mariana Montes, Chicho spent much of the 2000s in Paris expanding the Tango vocabularly. It was an exciting time because club Tango music such as Gotan Project was new and also expanding the musical horizons of Tango. Chicho, Sebastián, and Mariana took it as far as you can go before the Tango is lost. Then they started coming back to more conventional forms.

Chicho is the master of the rebound. He has Swing in him. It makes sense because when Tango was prohibited in Argentina, people danced what they call Rock ‘n Roll, but it’s Swing.

You feel it. He’ll send you out and pull you back in, or send you out and come around to your other side.

It’s beautiful to watch and suprisingly fun to dance with partners who are capable. A lot of people try to dance like Chicho, but very few do it well.

Chicho y Juana work all over Europe and do Tango Element in Baltimore, but they don’t come to New York City very often. (Top professionals are treated so poorly by the New York community that they don’t like to come here.) This is a rare opportunity to study with the best of the best.

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Photo courtesy of Gotanero

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