Cucu Diamantes

CuCu Diamantes is a singer-songwriter and actress originally from Cuba. Her music mixes New York funk with a little rumba and a lot of old school Cuban glamour.

CuCu plays the role of the tragic diva who night after night gives everything for love, but the night always ends. It’s a road trip where the night is glamorous and the day is lonely. But no matter, for there will soon be another night, another drink, another shot at love.

CuCu carries a hot mix of Spanish, African, Chinese and French blood in her veins. She is known as the co-founder of the Grammy-nominated Latin Funk band Yerba Buena, for her Grammy-nominated solo debut CuCuLand, and her 2012 psychedelic Cuban road-trip film Amor Cronico.

Yerba Buena, which CuCu led with Andres Levin is fondly remembered in New York. They were sort of the Los Van Van (a great Cuban Rock band) of the United States. The original band included Pedrito Martinez and Xiomara Laugart who have gone on to great solo careers.

CuCu’s next album is Pecados de Picasso (Sins of Picasso).

Cucu Diamantes debuted her new music at Subrosa in the Meatpacking District December 9-10, 2016. She played with a six-piece pickup band. CuCu is at her best on a big stage in front of a full orchestra.

De Borrachera en Borrachera from CuCu’s coming album Pecados de Picasso (Sins of Picasso)

CuCu Diamantes Reviews

“A joyful, partying, sexy and smart voice.” Associated Press.

” A musicologist’s dream… a joyful, ever-evolving, border-hopping groove…something serious gained for [popular music].” The New York Times.

“A sizzling jam session.” Wall Street Journal.

“The best Latin album of the year… the most danceable concert of the entire year.” Miami Herald

“Smoking hot… Resistance is futile. Dance you must, and dance you will.” The Washington Post.*

“Yerba Buena is one of the most exciting bands to hit the Latin music scene in years.” VIBE.

“One of our best musical performances.” Late Night with Conan O’Brien.

About CuCu Diamantes

Together with producer and guitarist Andres Levin, Diamantes co-founded the sizzling-hot Latin fusion band, Yerba Buena. The band’s President Alien earned a 2004 Grammy nomination and led CuCu to perform with artists such as Dave Matthews, Ray Charles, Juanes, and Celia Cruz.

After 8 years as Yerba Buena’s principal vocalist and songwriter, Diamantes released her first solo record, CuCuLand in 2009. Diamantes’ talented band is comprised of a full range of horns, percussion and guitar, giving a big, electric sound to her live performances.

Mas Fuerte from CuCuLand
Diamantes has made several major appearances as a individual artist, collaborating with music stars such as Fatboy Slim, Fun Lovin’ Criminals, Dead Presidents, Orishas, Beto Cuevas, Voltio and others on original recordings. She had a song included on the soundtrack for the NBC hit show “Heroes” (joining David Bowie, The Chemical Brothers, Bob Dylan and Iggy Pop), collaborated with Los Tucanes de Tijuana on the film soundtrack for “Ladron que Roba Ladron”, and worked with Vico C and Praz on the “Feel the Noize” film soundtrack.

Diamantes’ sassy, hilarious personality and natural talent as as an actress has put her in front of the camera for appearances in the films “El Cantante” and “Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights”, as well as the TV series “Third Watch” and an MTV Latin America tribute to “The Cure”. An urban muse and a darling of the New York City fashion and art world, Diamantes is often featured in the social and entertainment press and has caught the eye of artistic insiders such as legendary photographer Mark Seliger (GQ, Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair), who created the cover artwork for “CuCuLand.”

CuCu Diamantes is a socially conscious artist. She was a creative force behind the benefit albums “Red Hot + Latin” and “Red Hot + Riot”, and has donated her time to charitable causes such as Cielo Latino and other efforts to combat AIDS and cancer in the Latino community. Diamantes was a key collaborator in the popular Spanish language video, “Podemos Con Obama” in support of U.S. President-elect Barack Obama, collaborating with artists such as Alejandro Sanz, John Leguizamo, Paulina Rubio, Don Omar, Jessica Alba and George Lopez.

Most recently, CuCu Diamantes participated in Amnesty International’s music video and track, “The Price of Silence” featuring music stars from around the world such as Natalie Merchant, Stephen Marley, Hugh Masekala and others to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the United Nation’s Universal Declaration on Human Rights. CuCu Diamantes is also a spokesperson for Amnesty International’s “Protect the Human” and “Stop Violence Against Women” campaigns.

In 2014 CuCu Diamantes starred in Amor Crónico, surreal comic road trip across her homeland Cuba.

Amor Crónico Trailer

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