Dance Parade 2017

Dance Parade New York is a dance party down Broadway to a DanceFest at Tompkins Square Park.

Dance Parade New York 2017

The 2017 Dance Parade New York is from Union Square to Tompkins Square Park, Saturday, May 20, 2017 from 1-3pm.

It is followed by a DanceFest in the park from 3-7pm.

2017’s theme is Dance for Peace.

The Dance Parades Through the East Village

The Parade organizes at 21st and Broadway (above Union Square), dances down to 8th Street, across Avenue A, to Tompkins Square Park.

A World of Dance

Dance crews come from all over the world to dance in the New York Dance Parade.

Argentine Tango

Astoria Tango Club & School


Fraternidad Alma Boliviana

Fraternidad Cultural Incallajta New York

Fraternidad Cultural Pachamama NY

Fraternidad Cultural Pasion Boliviana

Fraternidad Folklorica Cultural Ruphay

Fraternidad Folklorica y Cultural Caporales San Simon filial NY

Fraternidad Folklorica y Cultural Caporales Universitarios de San Simon Bloque N

Morenada Bolivia USA

Salay Pasion Bolivia USA

San Simon USA

Saya AfroBoliviana

Tinkus San Simon Filial Virginia


Capoeira Angola Center of Mestre João Grande

FogoAzul NYC is NYC’s only all-woman Brazilian marching Samba drumline

New York Mindful Capoeira Center

Samba Art & Culture by Danielle Lima

Costa Rican

Di Ngire Dance Company


Estrellas Cubana (Cuba Star)


Ñukanchik LLacta Wawakuna

Mexican Carnival

Chinelos de Morelos

Mazarte Dance Company

Xochipilli Dance Ensemble

Puerto Rican Salsa

Ft Hamilton Senior Recreation Center

Rhythm Locura


Spanish Flamenco

Ballet Hispanico
Sonia Olla & Ismael Fernandez Flamenco

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