DOC NYC 2019 screens 16 Latin American documentaries

DOC NYC is the Independent Film Channel’s documentary film festival. It is the biggest documentary film festival in the United States.

DOC NYC 2019

DOC NYC is at IFC Center, SVA Theatre and Cinépolis Chelsea daily for ten days November 6-15, 2019.

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Nothing Fancy: Diana Kennedy

Thursday, November 7 ~ Elizabeth Carroll’s 2019 Mexican film screens at Cinépolis Chelsea at 5:10pm.

Diana Kennedy fell in love with Mexican food over 60 years ago, and has made it her mission to document and celebrate the regional varieties of Mexico’s cuisine ever since, becoming the world’s leading authority. Now in her 90s, the celebrated British-born chef and cookbook author is still as feisty and no-nonsense as ever, leading teaching workshops, advocating for environmental sustainability, and planning to turn her home into a foundation for culinary education in Mexico.

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Cheche Lavi (Looking for Life)

Thursday, November 7, 2019 ~ Sam Ellison’s 2019 US film gets its NYC premiere with filmmakers in attendance at Cinépolis Chelsea at 7:15pm.

In this indictment of America’s asylum process, two Haitian migrants find their lives in stasis after their journey through multiple countries stalls at the US-Mexico border in Tijuana. When friends Robens and James are separated, this contemplative look at a bond forged through struggle shifts into a moving exploration of the longing to discover one’s place, and the barriers—both figurative and all too literal—that stand in the way.

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The Journey of MonaLisa

Thursday, November 7 ~ Nicole Costa’s 2019 Chilean movie gets its international premiere with the filmmaker in attendance at Cinépolis Chelsea at 9:30pm.

Chilean-born performer and writer Iván Monalisa fully embraces his dual selves: scrappy, masculine Iván as well as diva, transvestite sex-worker Monalisa. A reunion with filmmaker Nicole Costa, Iván’s former college classmate, provides the opportunity for a journey through this undocumented transgender immigrant’s daily life of sex, drugs and poetry—as well as a quest for US legalization. Pragmatic and humorous, Iván Monalisa navigates the gritty underbelly of New York City with charisma and charm.

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Diego Maradona

Friday, November 8, 2019 ~ Asif Kapadia’s screens with the filmmaker in attendance at Cinépolis Chelsea at 8:15pm

Filmmaker Asif Kapadia was on the 2015 Short List for his Oscar®-winning film Amy. Now he returns with this stunning portrait of Argentine football star Diego Maradona, focusing on the player’s legend-making years in Italy. Since Kapadia’s breakthrough documentary Senna, he’s employed a virtuoso approach to archival footage that’s used to depict Maradona’s exploits on and off the field. Promiscuity, drug abuse, the Mafia and epic athleticism make this outrageous tale gripping for Maradona fans and newcomers alike. Courtesy of HBO Sports.

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Revolution Rent

Friday, November 8 ~ Andy Señor Jr and Victor Patrick Alvarez’ 2019 US film screens with filmmakers in attendance at SVA Theatre at 9:30pm.

Theater director Andy is invited to bring the musical RENT to Cuba, his exiled parents’ homeland. Embarking on a personal journey to reclaim his complicated heritage, and to bridge cultural boundaries with Jonathan Larson’s inspiring musical, Andy is faced with the daunting task of opening the show just 12 weeks from first rehearsals. Will he be able to hone the raw young local talent he’s cast, contend with technical challenges and address RENT‘s controversial themes in Cuban society?

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The Edge of Democracy

Saturday, November 9 ~ Petra Costa’s 2019 Brazilian film screens with filmmakers in attendance at Cinépolis Chelsea at 11am.

In 1985, Brazil reclaimed democracy after decades of military dictatorship. At the heart of the country’s democratic reforms was the progressive Workers’ Party, which elected Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva the nation’s president in 2002, followed by his protege, Dilma Rousseff, its first female leader, in 2010. But neither could escape the powerful dual forces of institutional corruption and populist rage that polarized Brazil. Interweaving the personal and the political, this fascinating exploration of democracy in crisis serves as an urgent cautionary tale with relevance for our own political reality. Courtesy of Netflix.

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We are the Radical Monarchs

Saturday, November 9 ~ Linda Goldstein Knowlton’s 2019 USA film gets its NYC premiere at SVA Theatre in Chelsea, NYC at 2pm.

Finding that traditional youth organizations aren’t directly focusing on the issues facing young girls of color, two moms, Anyavette Martinez and Marilyn Hollinquest, begin their own troop, the Radical Monarchs. Based in Oakland, a city with a long history of social justice movements, this progressive group is more likely to participate in protest marches than in bake sales. This inspiring film follows the founders as they try to expand the organization while contending with the country’s growing political divides.

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Conscience Point

Saturday, November 9 ~ Treva Wurmfeld’s 2019 US film gets its NYC premiere with filmmakers in attendance at IFC Center in the West Village at 2:40pm.

As one of America’s wealthiest communities has developed around them in Southampton, NY, the indigenous Shinnecock Nation of Eastern Long Island fights to maintain both their time-honored traditions and their land. After suffering years of indignation by the presence of Shinnecock Hills Golf Club, a regular host of the US Open, the Nation’s leaders look to pass land-preservation legislation before it’s too late.

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The Fourth Kingdom: The Kingdom of Plastics

Saturday, November 9 ~ Adán Aliaga and Àlex Lora Cercos’ 2019 Spanish film screens with filmmaker in attendance at Cinépolis Chelsea at 7:15pm

Sure We Can is a nonprofit in Williamsburg, Brooklyn founded by a Spanish missionary as both a recycling center and a community space. Here, a diverse group of immigrants, homeless individuals and outcasts engages in work, friendship and deep thinking, forging a surrogate family. Ana, René, Malvin, Pierre and Walter discuss God, physics, loneliness and UFOs while feeding kittens, playing music and recycling, in this artful observational film with touches of magic realism.

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Los Últimos Frikis

Sunday, November 10 ~ Nicholas Brennan’s 2019 US movie gets its world premiere with the filmmaker in attendance at SVA Theatre at 9:20pm.

Despite restrictions beginning under the regime of Fidel Castro, heavy metal band Zeus became icons of the Cuban music scene. Over the decades, the band and their front man, Diony Arce, have challenged the status quo under threat of government suppression. As the bandmates approach their 30th anniversary together in a shifting political and social climate, they embark on a national tour while contemplating the cultural influence of metal as a genre and music as their life’s purpose.

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The Cordillera of Dreams

Tuesday, November 12 ~ Patricio Guzmán’s 2019 Chilean film screens at Cinépolis Chelsea at 7:45pm.

An exploration of identity, history and landscape by acclaimed Chilean director Patricio Guzmán. In his latest philosophical act of cinematic self-reflection, the Andean Cordillera mountain range becomes an ark where the most important poetic laws are stored, containing the ruins of the director’s childhood memories and the acts of police brutality and civil resistance that happened under Pinochet’s dictatorship. Spectacular aerial images bring us into the Cordillera and the troubled history it continues to witness.

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Sea of Shadows

Tuesday, November 12 ~ Richard Ladkani’s 2019 Austrian film at Cinépolis Chelsea at 9pm.

When Mexican drug cartels and Chinese traffickers target the rare and valuable totoaba fish in the Sea of Cortez, they also decimate the population of the vaquita, the world’s smallest whale. Environmental activists, marine biologists and undercover investigators join forces on a desperate mission to expose this black-market ring and save the vaquita from almost certain extinction in this real-life environmental thriller. Courtesy of National Geographic Documentary Films. Winner: Sundance.

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After the Murder of Albert Lima

Wednesday, November 13 ~ Aengus James’ Honduran film screens with the filmmaker in attendance at Cinépolis Chelsea at 9:30pm.

Paul Lima has spent over a decade seeking justice for his slain father, Albert. Though convicted, Albert’s murderer has remained free in Honduras. Frustrated with the failings of the legal system, Paul takes the unorthodox—and highly dangerous—step of hiring two bounty hunters to track down the killer and finally make him pay. This riveting and at times darkly comedic thriller explores both the importance of family and the myriad dangers of taking the law into your own hands.

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Midnight Family

Thursday, November 14 ~ Luke Lorentzen’s 2019 USA film screens with filmmakers present at Cinépolis Chelsea at 9:30pm.

In Mexico City—population nine million, but with only 45 government-sanctioned ambulances—the Ochoa family struggles to make a living as ragtag private paramedics. Racing against cutthroat competition to be the first to respond to patients in need of urgent help, hardworking Fer and his young sons increasingly face ethical dilemmas in their harrowing profession. Director Luke Lorentzen brings the audience on a thrilling ride-along. Courtesy of 1091 Media. Winner: Sheffield, Hong Kong, Sundance.

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