Eduardo Chillida Spain’s foremost 20th century sculptor at Hauser & Wirth

Eduardo Chillida, an exhibition of Spain’s foremost 20th century sculptor, is at Hauser & Wirth in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, Tuesday – Saturday, from April 30 – July 27, 2018.

Eduardo Chillida

Chillida was a Spanish Basque sculptor famous for his monumental abstract sculpture. He was born in San Sebastián, Spain near the French border in 1924.

The artist studied architecture at the University of Madrid. He switched to art, but you can see his training in the work. After living in Paris for almost ten years, Chillida returned to his home region. There he learned metalworking from a local blacksmith.

Chillida’s initial inspiration was the human form. His work became more abstract, though still organic as he matured.

Traditional sculpture practice looked to find the subject inside the wood or stone. In the same way that a healer sees the human body defined not by the space it takes, but rather by the void it fills, Chillida used his sculpture to sculpt the void.

Chillida died in Sebastián in 2002.

Hauser & Wirth New York 69th St

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Upper East Side, Manhattan

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