Encuentro NYC Colombian Music Festival

The 13th Annual Encuentro NYC Colombian Music Festival is at Le Poisson Rouge in Greenwich Village December 3, 2016 from 4-10pm.

About Encuentro NYC Colombian Music Festival

The festival was founded by New York-based Colombian musicians Pablo Mayor and Anna Povich de Mayor.

13th Annual Encuentro NYC Colombian Music Festival 2016

This year’s theme is A Bailar! (Let’s Dance). Colombians love to dance. Pianist and composer Pablo Mayor said, “Dance was essential to my life growing up in Cali, Colombia, and my understanding of the music was always based on the movements associated with these rhythms.”

Colombia is very multicultural country. It has Caribbean culture, Andes culture, Amazonian culture, High Plains culture, and Pacific Coast culture. Traditional Spanish culture connects it all together.

At least ten acts will perform the music and rhythms of different parts of the country. Daniel Fetecua’s Pajarillo Pinta’o Dance Company will demonstrate the many ways Colombians dance.

Harpist Nicolás Castañeda will play Joropo from the Eastern Plains.

Gregorio Uribe will play Vallenato fro the Caribbean coast.

Pablo Mayor will play a set of Cumbia in the marching band style known as Banda. Later Mayor’s Folklore Urbano Orchestra will play Cali Salsa.

Guitarist Sebastián Cruz will play some contemporary pop.

The night ends with Grupo Rebolú’s driving Afro-Colombian rhythms.

This year, we have something very special to celebrate ~ the end of the Guerilla War in Colombia!

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