Everybody Loves Somebody is a fun, romantic comedy

Everybody Loves Somebody is Catalina Aguilar Mastretta’s 2017 romantic comedy starring Karla Souza and José María Yazpik.

Everybody Loves Somebody opens February 17, 2017. It is now playing at AMC Loews 19th St in Union Square, AMC Loews 34th Street in Chelsea, and AMC Empire 25 in Times Square.

The movie is in English and Spanish.

Everybody Loves Somebody Story

Clara (Karla Souza) is a woman who has everything. She’s a young, attractive gynecologist with a nice home in Los Angeles and a big loving, well-to-do family in Baja, Mexico.

Well almost everything, because true love is still missing. There’s Daniel (José María Yazpik), the one who got away, but he disappeared from her life eight years ago.

When Clara has to go home for a family wedding, she brings along Asher, a co-worker, to avoid pressure from the family who is waiting for the boyfriend to appear.

Things are going surprising well until Daniel, the one who got away and that the family always liked, shows up at the wedding. Comedy and family-complicated romance follow. Clara has to choose between two worlds.

The screenplay is well written, the movie is well acted, and Mexico is beautiful. Some of the strongest work comes in scenes when Clara listens to her sister (Tiaré Scanda) talk about real love.

Reviews are very positive.

This is a light film, but it’s refreshing to see us portrayed in a simple positive way. Crossing borders is easier than you think, but love and family can make it complicated, and fun.

If you are part of a mixed Anglo-Latin family, this movie will get you. The family would prefer that you marry someone from your own culture. They worry that children will be raised in English. Lots gets lost in translation. It’s crazy for sure, but it’s worth it. Everybody loves Somebody is worth seeing too.

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