Jorge Torres to teach Master Classes at Tango La Nacional in February

Jorge Torres is a world-renowned Tango choreographer, dancer, and producer.

Forever Tango Dance Captain

The Dance Captain of Broadway show Forever Tango (1997 – 1998) and its touring company is widely considered the best Tango leader in New York City. The Forever Tango Dancers were nominated for the Tony Award® for “Best Choreography”  in 1998.

A Connection to the Golden Age of Tango, Ballet, and the Tango Renaissance

Like many great dancers, Torres started dancing as a child, when he was just three years old.

Torres is the student of Norberto Guichanduc who taught Tango and Folkloric dance at the Teatro Colon opera house in Buenos Aires. There Torres also studied Ballet which makes him a good teacher for ballerinas who want to learn the Tango. He speaks your language.

Torres also studied with Antonio Todaro, Pepito Avellaneda, and Rodolfo Dinzel.

Today the woman is the star of a Tango pair, but in the old days it was all about the man. Antonio Todaro (1929 – 1994) was the dancer who brought women into the spotlight. He was doing elegant Stage Tango moves before there was such a thing. Just as Tango Nuevo music is not club music, but actually the music of Piazzolla; Tango Nuevo dancing is not something new, it is an extension of Antonio Todaro. Todaro’s top student is Miguel Zotto of Tango X2, the show that made Tango cool again for young Argentines in 1998 and after.

Pepito Avellaneda (1930 – 1996) was a Golden Age Tanguero from a neighborhood just south of Buenos Aires. Avellaneda was the teacher of many teachers.

Rodolfo Dinzel (1950 – 2015) was the one of the most famous dancers in Juan Carlos Copes’ seminal Tango show Tango Argentino (Paris, 1983; Broadway, 1985). Tango Argentino launched the Tango Renaissance and brought Tango to New York City and the United States. Rodolfo and his wife Gloria founded the Dinzel School of Tango in Buenos Aires.

Jorge Torres is a connection to the past and the future of Tango.

A Teacher of Teachers

Torres is a teacher of teachers. In fact, he is the teacher of my teacher, Claude Murga, who is the teacher of diplomats in Argentina. Today Torres is Artistic Director of the American Tango Institute in Chicago.

In 2003, Torres set up the jury of the 1st International Tango Festival and World Cup of Buenos Aires.

Torres has worked in a number of Tango shows and continues to work the international Tango festival circuit.

Jorge Torres in NYC

Jorge Torres is teaching two weeks of master classes at Tango La Nacional in Chelsea, Manhattan on February 15th and 22nd, 2018 from 8:15 – 9:30 pm. $15


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