Lyrics and Lyricists: The Songbook Meets Rock and Country

Lyrics and Lyricists Battle for the Airwaves: The Songbook Meets Rock & Country is at the 92nd Street Y with five shows from February 27-29, 2016.

About Lyrics and Lyricists Battle for the Airwaves: The Songbook Meets Rock & Country

1950s radio had Sinatra, Elvis and Johnny Cash singing American Songbook, Rock, and Country hits. Two-time Tony Award-winning actor and director James Naughton brings back the good old days in his debut as Lyrics and Lyricists Artistic Director. Argentine vocalist Solange Prat is one of the featured vocalists.

About James Naughton

Artistic Director James Naughton won “Best Actor” Tony Awards for his musical roles in 1990’s “City of Angels” and 1997’s “Chicago the Musical.”

About Solange Prat

Solange Prat, originally from Buenos Aires, works on numerous musical projects in New York City. She is the lead singer of the Williamsburg Salsa Orchestra, a Brooklyn-based big band that plays hard Salsa covers of pop music.

It makes perfect sense to have an Argentine singing American Songbook and Rock and Roll classics. In 1955 Tango dancing was banned in Argentina, but Swing dancing (called Rock and Roll by the Argentines) was encouraged. An entire generation of Argentines grew up dancing and partying to this music.

Argentina also has a strong theater tradition. Avenida Corrientes in Buenos Aires is the Broadway of South America.

Latin Rock which is now called Latin Alternative originated in Argentina. Argentine bands were the first to create their own Rock en Español that was not just a copy or translation of American and British hits.

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