Mambo Legends Orchestra are players from Tito Puente’s orchestra

The Mambo Legends Orchestra is led by former members of Tito Puente’s orchestra.

Mambo Legends Orchestra

The Mambo Legends Orchestra plays the music of the Palladium Big 3: Machito, Tito Puente and Tito Rodriguez.

The band is led by John ‘Dandy’ Rodriguez and Mitch Frohman. Jose Madera is musical director. Each of them spent over 25 years working with Tito Puente.

John ‘Dandy’ Rodriguez

John ‘Dandy’ Rodriguez spent over 30 years working with Tito Puente. He also worked with Tito Rodriguez and Ray Barretto. John is a founder of Tipica 73.

Jose Madera

Jose Madera worked with Tito Puente for 31 years. He was the Tito Puente Orchestra’s music director.

Mitch Frohman

Mitch Frohman plays saxophone and flute in the Tito Puente Orchestra for 25 years. He also played in Mongo Santamaria’s band. The saxophone solo at the start of the Sex and the City theme is Frohman’s.

These guys are a living connection to the glory years of New York Salsa in the 1960 and 1970s.

Mambo Legends Orchestra in New York City

The Mambo Legends Orchestra plays big band Salsa for dancing at Midsummer Night Swing at Damrosch Park in Lincoln Center on Wednesday, July 4, 2018. $17 – $20

Marlon “International” Mills teaches Salsa. DJ Turmix moves the floor.


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