The New York Salsa and Bachata Festival 2017 is all Memorial weekend

The New York Salsa and Bachata Festival is a weekend of non-stop Salsa and Bachata dance workshops, performances, and parties.

New York Salsa and Bachata Festival 2017

The party is at the Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel, Memorial Day Weekend, May 25-29, 2017.


Thursday, May 25
9:30pm Workshops
– Eddie Torres: Mambo Shines
– Lorenz Dance: Bachata
11pm Dance Showcases
1am-3:30am Ripped Jeans dance party

Friday, May 26
10am Workshops
8pm Dance Showcases
11pm-3:30am White Party

Saturday, May 27
10am Workshops
8pm Dance Showcases
11pm-3:30am Gala Night

Sunday, May 28
10am Workshops
8pm Dance Showcases
11pm-3:30am I Love NY dance party

Salsa & Bachata Artists

Adolfo & Latin Soul Dancers from Milan, Italy teach Mambo Shines and Turn Patterns, Cha Cha Shines and Partnerwork.

Alex & Desiree teach Bachata Traditional Partnerwork, and Dominican Bachata.

Alexis Yenyere teaches Tricks and Lifts.

Andrea & Silvia teach Sensual Bachata Patterns, Bachata with Tricks and Dips, and Sensual Bachata.

Ataca & La Alemana teach Bachata Master Class and Urban Bachata.

Balmir teaches Turn Patterns.

Burju Perez

Charlie & Delia teach Shines and Body Movement.

Chaves & Silvia teach Sensual Bachata, Sensual Bachata Master Class, and Bachata with Tricks.

Delia Madera

Eddie Torres, The Mambo King teaches Mambo Shines, Master Class, and Pachanga.

Edwin & Dakota teach Dominican Shines, Dominican Shines and Partnerwork.

Evan & Bethany teach Lifts and Tricks.

Ernesto & Denisse teach Afro-Jazz Shines.

Fausto Felix & Maria teach Power Bachata Shines and Partnerwork, and Dominican Master Class.

Frank Santos teaches Dominican Bachata.

Franklin Diaz teaches Body Movement Technique.

Griselle Ponce teaches Shines and Ladies Styling.

Ismael Otero teaches Crazy Salsa Patterns.

Joel Salsa teaches NY Style Turn Combinations.

Jorjet Alcocer teach Pachanga Shines, Bachata Musicality, and a Dominican Master Class.

Jose Diaz teaches Shines and Turn Combos, Shines and Turn Patterns.

Juan Matos teaches Master Class, Pachanga, and Shines.

Karel Flores teaches Shines and Ladies Styling, Shines and Styling, and Ladies Shines and Body Movement.

Karisma teaches Turn Patterns.

Korke & Judith teaches Sensual Movement and Dips, Sensual Bachata Master Class, Sensual Bachata and Connection.

Lorenz Dance teaches Bachata, and Salsa Turn Combinations.

Lyrik Cruz teaches Latin House Vogue Fusion.

Marcos & Tabitha teaches Salsa Romantica On2.

Maykel Fonts teaches Cuban Style Salsa, and Afro Cuban Master Class.

MG Dance teaches Sensual Bachata.

Piel Canela teaches Turn Combinations.

Pura Vida teaches Urban Style Bachata.

Robert & Isabel teach Shines and Turn Combinations.

Tiguere & Julianna teach Bachata Social Dancing.

Tony & Gracie teach Salsa Hip Hop Fusion.

Victor Karisma

Vittico La Magia y Amanda Estilo teaches Creative Salsa Patterns.

Yamulee Dance Company teaches Shines and Patterns, and Shines and Turn Combinations On 2.

Zafire Dance Project teaches Turn Pattern Combinations, and Mambo Turn Patterns.

Zeke Ruvalcaba teaches Bachata Partnerwork.

Salsa & Bachata DJs

DJ Alex Bulgaro
DJ Amezcua
DJ Emerzive
DJ John John
DJ Kenny
DJ Soltrix
DJ So Nasty
DJ Tiguere

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