Nicaraguan Independence Day

Nicaraguan Independence Day is September 15.

Nicaragua was home to several Indigenous civilizations including the Macro-Chibchan ethnic groups who ranged as far south as northern Colombia.

Spaniards colonized Nicaragua in 1524. In 1609, the region became part of the Spanish Captaincy General of Guatemala which controlled Central America from Guatemala City.

Nicaraguan Independence Day

It commemorates the day on September 15, 1821 when a regional congress in Guatemala City signed “The Act of Independence of Central America.”

Nicaragua was fortunate in that it didn’t have to fight a war to become independent, but it became part of the First Mexican Empire.

Federal Republic of Central America

The original Federal Republic of Central America of 1823 was based on the territory of the Captaincy General of Guatemala of New Spain which included what are now Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and the Mexican state of Chiapas.

The Republic of Nicaragua

The modern state of Nicaragua was formed in 1838.

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