Paramour the musical at the Lyric Theatre blends a campy Broadway musical with thrilling nouveau-circus as only Cirque du Soleil can.

About Paramour

“Paramour” is a 1930s Golden Age Hollywood story. It’s a simple love triangle between director A.J. Golden (Jeremy Kushnier), his new star-in-the-making Indigo (Ruby Lewis), and her piano player Joey (Ryan Vona).

A.J. hires Indigo and Joey out of a seedy bar to make the world’s greatest motion picture. When the film becomes a hit, A.J. wants to marry Indigo, but her feelings for Joey get in the way.

Along the way, “Paramour” recreates famous Hollywood scenes from “Mata Hari,” “Cleopatra,” and “Casablanca” in an old-timey circus way. Aerial fireworks fill in for real emotions, but the show is a spectacle of fun.

The show features a cast of 38 singers, actors, dancers, aerialists, acrobats, and circus arts performers. One of the show’s highlights is an aerial duet by the Atherton Twins who soar over the audience.

Balcony seats may be the best for this air show.

“Paramour” opened May 25, 2016 in an open ended run.

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