Fluxo: Funk Proibidão brings underground Hip-Hop from the Rio favelas to NYC

Red Bull Music Academy Festival presents Fluxo: Funk Proibidão, the underground Hip-Hop of Rio favela parties at Villain in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Saturday, April 29, 2017 at 9pm.

Fluxo: Funk Proibidão features MC Bin Laden, MC Carol, DJ Assault, Sicko Mobb, Venus X & Asmara (Putaria Maxima), Leo Justi, and Tom DJ.

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Check out all the great music at the Red Bull Music Academy Festival April 29 – May 21, 2017.

Straight out of Rio

In the favelas of Brazil, a unique street culture has emerged from the neon-lit car stereos lining the local block parties known as Fluxos. The sound booming out of these improvised soundsystems is called Funk or Proibidão, which translates to “prohibited.”

Favelas are unofficial neighborhoods that exist outside the traditional urban authorities. Proibidão is prohibited because these underground parties are an expression of local control and the community’s freedom from authority.

Proibidão shares certain sonic and lyrical characteristics with Miami bass, early Electro and Cumbia. Every weekend, thousands of youths gather at Fluxos in Brazil’s major cities to socialize, dance, and party.

Red Bull Music Academy Festival brings the music of this underground movement to NYC. The party features Brazilian MCs and producers like MC Bin Laden, MC Carol, Leo Justi and Tom DJ as well as Detroit booty bass legend DJ Assault whose brash aesthetics have been a major influence on the Fluxos’ explicit Funk sound.

Joining them on the bill will be Chicago rap duo Sicko Mobb, Venus X and Asmara, whose music is informed by the chaotic and ebullient energy of Fluxos in their own genres.

This is a unique concert because the only place you can hear Proibidão is in the Rio favelas or on this night at the Red Bull Music Academy Festival. The concert brings together players from the favelas with DJs from the States who have inspired or been inspired by the sound. It’s going to be a great party.

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¡Muito Legal! (Very Cool)

This article was first published on April 21, 2017

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